5 Things You Need To Know About Poppers

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Why They Are Called Poppers?

Poppers were used for chest pain treatment in the 19th century. They are commonly used nowadays for recreational purposes. This liquid drug gives an instant high when being inhaled. Other names for this are butyl nitrite, liquid gold, and amyl or alkyl nitrate. This drug causes euphoric effects and uses as a sex enhancer especially when the anal muscles are being relaxed. This drug is called poppers because of the small vial of amyl nitrate that is being used for inhalation that produces a popping sound when opened.

How They Can Use Incorrectly?

One must never swallow or taste poppers as this can be deadly. Unless prescribed by a physician, a person with heart problems must never try using this one. This drug is dangerous when a person overuses this in treating erectile dysfunction because nitrite poppers can lead to some bad health effects.

Why They Are Popular?

Poppers are recently used as recreational drugs especially in the LGBT community. These are popular at gay nightclubs or other gay venues and have been used by bisexual men through inhalation when they have sex. This drug is common in the market as room deodorizers, boots, or leather cleaners. This drug became popular in the mid-1970s, 80s up to 90s. This can be addicting as the chemical euphoria and physical pleasure are hard for your brain to ignore.

Side Effects

Using poppers will expand your blood vessels and if these vessels are being dilated, this can cause: dizziness, lightheadedness, increased heart rate, warm sensations on your body, and a sudden drop in your blood pressure. If your blood pressure is too low, it can cause loss of consciousness or fainting. Adverse effects also include nausea, nosebleeds, loss of coordination, and chest pains. Other possible side effects are:

Reactions in Your Respiratory

If you inhale strong chemicals from this drug affects your normal breathing and other respiratory tract functions that will lead to wheezing and sinus problems.


Blood vessels in your brain become widen and it will lead to having a headache. Intensity effects will vary depending on the euphoric effects of this drug.

Allergic Reactions

Poppers that are scented may cause problems to a user who is allergic to a high fragrant chemical.

Pressure in Your Eyes

It increases fluid levels in your eyes that may cause intraocular pressure. This is dangerous to someone who has an eye disorder like glaucoma.

Skin Lesions

These lesions normally happen around your lips, nose, and areas that are exposed to amyl nitrite.

Countries That Banned Poppers

Many kinds of drugs are still circulating in some countries and even if there are harmful effects you will get, some people are still using these kind of drugs. Poppers are types of drugs that are less harmful but these drugs are banned in some countries because they can be dangerous to one’s health. The content of this psychoactive drug especially alkyl nitrates is illegal in some countries like Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland. In countries like the US, Best poppers UK, and Australia, it is legal to sell alkyl nitrate but it must not be sold for the consumption of humans. In the UK, poppers are nearly banned.

Using this drug can cause adverse effects that may lead to a serious one. The best option then is not to use this for pleasure or to satisfy your sex desire. Everything in moderation is good but if it’s too much, this is not good for your health.