Best portal for online classes for economics : cbse class 12th

Class 12 Online Classes for Economics

Economics is one of the compulsory subjects in the Commerce stream, and at the same time involves interesting Chapters like Theory of Demand or National Income. iT is the most interesting subject as told by thousands of students who are working and studying in the field of economics. Economics as a subject also turns out to be a high-yielding profession. Class 12 Economics syllabus is very basic but also very important and compulsory for students looking forward to gaining maximum marks in CBSE 12th board exam at the same time working in the economic field in their future.

Class 12 Online Classes for Economics are the most feasible and easily accessible way for students to get their doubts cleared in the 11th and 12th Standard. Vidya Setu provides the best online classes for economics for Class 12th as suggested and trusted by thousands of students giving their board exams. 

Before finding out the best portal for online classes for economics class 12, we should understand how online classes for economics are better than offline classes for students giving their CBSE class 12 Board Exams.

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Online Classes For Economics

For the longest time, the students were taught in specified institutions be it Temple Schools in a few centuries back to now modern schools with huge infrastructure and facilities in modern times, but what has not changed is a large portion of children are still unable to get education due to the lack accessibility since they live in remote areas. 

Difference Between Online And Offline Classes

Vidya Setu’s Online Classes have come out as a revolutionary solution to such a major problem in our education system. Online classes are easily accessible to each and every student who even has just a mobile phone with them in completing every chapter of the syllabus. Let us understand the difference between online classes for economics and offline classes. 

ExpensesFree of Cost/ Minimal CostsExpensive Private Classes 
Faculty Experienced Faculty from around the country, expertise in their own subject.Not very experienced faculty with generalized knowledge in each subject, no specification. 
Mode of teachingMobile, Laptops, USB drives, Projectors, Tablets, etcClassroom Mode of Teaching
AccessibilityAccessible to everyone present on the InternetAccessible only to those living in certain areas or regions. 
Problem SolvingProblem Solving is available every day and questions can be asked from anywhere at any time.Problem-solving is on very specific days which leaves students waiting. 

Hence, it is clear from all these differences above that online classes for economics class 12 is a better option as compared to offline private tuitions. 

Now, let us understand which is the best portal for online classes for economics so that students could understand each topic thoroughly and get all their queries and problems solved.

Which Is The Best Portal For Online Classes For Economics

Let us understand out of these three most popular online classes for economics which one is most trusted and preferred by all class 12 students. 

ExpensesFree of cost. No registration or subscribing chargesPaid and involves many other additional chargesPaid and involves many other additional charges for online classes.
Faculty Expertise faculty and has immense knowledge and experience in their specific fieldsTeachers are experienced although there could be the language barrierTeachers are more generic than expertise in their subject but have huge experience
Mode of teachingSaved Youtube Video lectures,Online Classes Online and live Classes
AccessibilityAccessible to all irrespective of financial background.Accessible only to those who can pay the fees.Accessible only to those who can pay the fees.
Problem SolvingProblem Solving at Vidya setu is easier as students just have to ask questions in the comment section.Problem-Solving in live classes and hence difficult for shy students.Problem-Solving in live classes and hence difficult for shy students.

Best Portal For Class 12 Economics Online Classes- Vidya Setu 

VidyaSetu is the most trusted portal for economics class 12 online classes as suggested by Class 11th and 12th Board Exam students. Class 12 Economics curriculum is divided into- Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. 

Online classes for economics help students in understanding the difficult topics of demand and supply chains and also understand different market curves depending upon different factors of production and demand.  

Economics class 12 online classes help students in solving difficult questions of The National Income by teaching the formulae and making them understand the theory behind each formula through various tricks and techniques.

Reasons Why Vidya Setu Is Best Online Classes For Economics

  1. Online Classes for Economics are provided best at Vidya setu  as it is Free Of Cost since the organisation and faculty are teaching with the motive to educate and not to earn money.
  2. It is easily accessible and can be viewed from anywhere at any time leading to more comfort for the students during their Stressful Exam period. 
  3. The faculty at Vidya setu  is most trusted and highly expertise as they have done phds and thesis in their specific subjects.
  4. The Problem Solving at Vidya setu is through a medium of asking questions in the comment section so that students do not have to feel shy while asking their doubts. 
  5. The Video lectures for class 12 economics provided at Vidya Setu are of HD quality with perfect sound and clear screen, hence does not face any problem. 

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“I joined VidaSetu after getting completely confused by my private tuition, my grades increased tremendously after studying from VidaSetu, its free accounting classes are the best alternative available online.”- Shashank Mukherjee

“Joined VidyaSetu during the lockdown, I was able to complete my entire course much before school and is now ready for exams without any hesitation and stress.”- Ridhi Khandelawal