Netgear Extender Firmware Update Failure? Know What to Do


Updated firmware is crucial for the smooth working of your Netgear extender. But, in case you are not able to do that, you could be in big trouble. If you faced extender firmware update failure, worry not. Go through the following details. These will walk through some of the easiest steps to do the firmware update.

Moreover, these points offer insight into what to do if you confront firmware update failure. So, make sure you don’t miss out on even the minutest detail. First, know the reasons for the failure. After that, check out the troubleshooting tips to resolve the failure issue.

Reasons for Firmware Update Failure

  • Poor Internet Connection

Poor internet connection is one of the major reasons for Netgear extender firmware update failure. It might be due to poor connection or faulty cable connections. Not just that, any disturbance in wireless connection can further be the issue.

  • Router & Extender Connectivity Issues

Any hindrance in the connection between the router and extender affects the extender firmware update. In case the extender is far from the router, it will affect the firmware update. The type of connection between the two further raises errors.

  • ISP Back-End Problems

Have you checked the internet connection speed? Is it stable while accessing the Netgear Genie setup? If not, that could be the main culprit of the Netgear extender firmware update. Moreover, numerous back-end issues are there that halt the internet connection from time to time. Hence, it results in poor internet connectivity.

  • Wrong Placement of Extender

Where did you place the Netgear extender? It is placed in a central location? Or, have you gathered countless objects around the extender? You should know that these object offer mere interference in their WiFi signals. So, the wrong placement of the Netgear extender might make firmware updates nearly impossible.

  • Technical Glitches

Technical glitches are the enemy of Netgear firmware updates. The update fails because of bugs, errors, or technical glitches. Moreover, these glitches lead to internet fluctuations and even affect the working of the Netgear extender. So, you might find it hard to access

Solutions For Extender Firmware Update Failure

Check out some of the most useful troubleshooting tips in case the firmware update fails.

  • Extender Reboot

If there is an issue with the firmware update, you should reboot the extender. Power cycling often resolves all the errors in the Netgear extender and its functioning.

  • Check Internet Connectivity

Call your internet service provider to know about the issues at the back-end. Once you are aware of the problems, it becomes easy to cope with them. So, check the internet connection, connecting cables, and the power source of the modem.

  • Eliminate WiFi Interference

Get unwanted stuff away from the Netgear extender. Moreover, you should ensure not to place it under the desk, in the corner, behind a thick wall, around an electronic gadget, or even a mirror. All these objects disrupt the flow of the internet which is a major cause of firmware update failure.

  • Follow Correct Firmware Update Guidelines

Did you follow the right guidelines while updating the extender firmware? No? Well, that sums it all up. Without following the right progression, you are bound to get face errors. So, you must read the requirements, steps, and guidelines before initiating the update.

Wrap Up

Errors are bound to happen if you are in hurry. Therefore, to ensure you don’t enter the wrong web address, you should use the IP address. It will take you straight to the login page. Hence, all the issues are resolved when you follow a hierarchy while updating the Netgear extender firmware. With the right knowledge, you can easily resolve the issues and get the desired result.