Lawyers in Dubai for Will Writing Services

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Lawyers in Dubai for Will Writing Services

Lawyers in Dubai for Will Writing Services, is the subject here. Have you made the rough draft of your Will? Indeed, people are living longer these days, so why not put off writing a will for a few more years? Reconsider! When it comes to drafting a will, increased life expectancy should not be a factor. According to legal experts, nearly everyone should have an estate plan, which begins with a will. A Will and Estate appears to be the most important factor of an Estate planning, which also includes the financial impact of lawyers. One of the most important aspects of writing a will is naming an executor or individual delegate to administer the deceased’s assets or estate after his death, which includes identifying and settling all responsibilities and documenting their assessment forms. Wills Writing is only for Non-Muslims. 

The vast majority agree that having a will is a good idea, yet it typically falls to the bottom of the daily to-do list. Those who have lived in the UAE for a long period may have accumulated assets that can be passed down to their family through inheritance. In the end, it’s more than simply a piece of paper; it’s a gift to your family. Try not to put your life’s achievements, which you may have worked tirelessly to achieve, in jeopardy. It is critical to safeguard your future and have faith that your property speculations, as well as the future fate of your children, friends, and family, are in the capable hands of your lawyers in Sharjah who are specialized in property matters. Wills Writing is only for Non-Muslims.

A will remember specific instructions for how you want your bequest distributed after your death, including procedures for any unmistakable personal property you may claim. If you’re still worried about participating in what appears to be a monotonous, time-consuming system, don’t be. The Wills and Probate Registry has developed a simple and uniform set of guidelines that reduces the likelihood of any questions about wills being raised at the time of execution. Even though the procedure is straightforward, the wills and probate register has some requirements for everyone who want to make a will in the UAE, which are as follows:

  • Only For Non-Muslim
  • Over the age of 21
  • Living in Dubai with minors
  • Own Movable or Immovable Assets in United Arab Emirates 

Even though the process appears to be simple, it is always essential to seek legal advice since your legal advisor can help you include all relevant facts in your will to avoid any unforeseen issues during the will’s implementation. It is critical that such a significant authoritative report include all of the essential details in order to cover all potential future scenarios.

Lawyers in Dubai for Marriage, Child Custody, Alimony and Other Family Matters

If you are meeting with a lawyer and if he or she is specialized in family law the go to seek for complete custody of your kid, child maintenance, or both, you will most likely want to learn about the legal process for filing a custody case in the UAE courts. You should have a fundamental understanding of the method, the timing of the process, and the cost of fighting a custody battle in the UAE to prepare yourself for what lies ahead. Not all of these issues can be fixed appropriately at this time, but the more information you gather, the happier you will be.

Child custody disputes in the UAE might take anywhere from 9 to 12 months, depending on the intricacy of the case. The varied jobs assigned to mothers and fathers in UAE custody laws are a fascinating component of the legislation. These contrasts are frequently seen in guardian and custodian depictions. A child’s guardian financially supports the child, makes key decisions concerning the child’s education and childhood, and, for the most part, deals with the child’s difficulties. The caretaker/custodian, on the other hand, is concerned about the child’s day-to-day activities; the overseer is responsible for the child’s physical well-being and should raise, care for, and upbringing the child. This distinction between guardian and custodian isn’t perfect, because one parent could take on both roles. The mother is frequently provided childcare, despite the fact that the father is always regarded as the guardian; nonetheless, everything is contingent on the child’s eventual advantages.

The first and most important step in filing a custody case is to file it with the Family Guidance Committee in order to either reach an amicable solution or obtain a no-objection certificate, which can then be used to file the case with the relevant Family court in the respective Emirate to seek a judgment for obtaining custody of the child.


The law, for the most part, gives the care of a kid to the child’s mother until the child reaches a specific age, which is 11 years for a boy child and 13 years for a girl child. However, if it is not in the best interests of the company, this can be disproved. If it is for the good of the child, the UAE law imposes various criteria on awarding custody to the guardian. The parent who is given guardianship of a child must be reasonable, fit for raising and dealing with the child, free of any irresistible or dangerous illnesses, and have no criminal past, according to the Law on Child Rights. Prior to granting the foster custody of the child, the court may take into account the fosterer’s faith. It is critical to acquire legal guidance from a family lawyer in order to fully comprehend the circumstances under which you may gain or lose custody of your kid, as the law includes various features under which either parent’s rights may be terminated.