KissAnime: The Most Iconic Triangles of Love


Have you heard of KissAnime? Are you wondering what KissAnime is? Do you wish to know what it is?

KissAnime is the most popular site amongst anime fanatics.

A lot of various genres of anime content can get found and streamed on this site. The official KissAnime got created in 2012, giving users a chance to stream and download anime for free.

At first, the site was under the domain, but it got banned from the .com soon after it started. Nonetheless, KissAnime started again under the domain. However, after nearly operating for eight years, the site in August 2020 finally got fully shut down permanently. All the content on the site got deleted.

The KissAnime site has millions of animated content, making it highly famous amongst users around the world.

Most iconic triangles of love

Around the world, having a storyline with a love triangle is necessary for every part of history. When it comes to anime series, they have the finest and most interesting love triangles.

What is a triangle of love? It is when two characters have the same love interest on a third character. Most often than never, the lead finds a way into this situation. Let us look at the most iconic triangle of love anime series.

School Rumble

The main productive environment for triangles of love is secondary school. The School Rumble is a romantic comedy anime with a focus on the love triangle of students in a secondary school. It features a couple Kenji Harima and Tenma Tsukamoto. The fact of whether the original love for one another is genuine or not cannot get acknowledged.

A new twist gets added when Ouji Karasuma gets added into the situation as the students advance to the new school year. Ouji is a good and lawful student, but Kenji is a lawbreaker. Nonetheless, Tenma is beautiful but has a problem making his intention coming to light.

Honey And Clover

At times, a triangle of love had become a place of love. Imagine if a fourth person starts to get attracted to one of the individuals in a love triangle. It makes everything even more confusing, does it not?

Honey and Clover is an anime with a similar confusing story. Yuuta Takemoto starts developing feelings for art college students Shinobu Morita and Yuuta Takemoto. There are two problems, first is the fact that Shinobu and Yuut are roommates and the second problem is how Ayumi, her friends start falling for one of them.


Voltron, in the early seasons on Netflix, showcased how something was going on between Lance, Keith, and Princess Allura, but it was not as obvious as one can see with other triangles of love. It illustrated how Lance tried to impress Allura, while Allura and Keith’s relation was more silent.

However, in season eight, the triangle shatters. Allura ends up in relation with Lance, and that is where their romance begins. Lance is more loving and protecting, giving the best possible end one would want.

Ef – A Tale Of Memories

The major part of a love triangle is the passion one childhood friend had for the other friend. The second person does not understand what the first person is trying to show them. The Ef: A Tale of Memories is about such a story.

Kai Shindou and Hiro Hirono are childhood friends. Hiro lends his bike to Miyako to catch a carry-bag thief on Christmas Eve. The young guy takes the little girl to his house, showing him the damaged bike. The relationship starts to flourish, and Kei begins to feel jealousy.

Yona Of The Dawn

The Yona of the Dawn has a complicated triangle of love. Yona Loves Su-WOn, but then she finds out that she killed her father and started her kingdom a coup d’état. Hak Son is her other childhood friend and protects her and lovers her. He did nothing as he saw Yonas love for Su. It is obvious that there is going to be a complicated triangle of love.