Is Doing ITIL Certification Worth In 2021?


ITIL certificationhas been introduced as a skill set that would increase the credibility and efficiency of IT service management without the intervention of government bodies.  It prepares the candidates for the most challenging situations by developing their mindset to make the right decision and take action.

Aspirants who wish to secure ITIL certification must pass the exam, obtain good scores in the examination and even get further guidance. Along with this, you can earn Microsoft certificationtoo at Koenig Solutions to enhance your career and increase job opportunities.

Benefits of ITIL Certification

ITIL certification is gaining popularity in 2021 because it prepares the candidate to work more efficiently and deliver the best result. It proves to be beneficial for the growth of the company and the employee itself. It also provides you with the extra edge needed to excel in the interview and the workplace.

Mentioned below are a few reasons which make this certification even more demanding in 2021 and the upcoming years.

  1. Boosts Your Career

This certification has also been recognised globally and has been seen as a badge of honour. Many employees have received an almost 15% hike in their salaries after securing ITIL Certification. It also opens doors to many fields and provides a wide variety of job options and you can check ITIL V4 Certification In Atlanta to .

  • Refinement Of Capabilities

The profit gained by the companies directly depends on the capabilities of the people involved. This certification is designed in such a way as to refine and upgrade your IT services management skills. It also provides an insight into the actual management of the IT sector and understands things in a better way.

  • Higher Paying Job Opportunities

According to various studies, the importance of certifications in hiring people as IT professionals and experts has increased over the past few years. Job roles that get benefitted from this certification are IT Managers, System Analysts, Security Managers, Database Administrators, IT Operations Manager and many more.

  • Enhances Personality

Proven results have shown that around 67% of the employees having this certification have acquired the ability to work harder towards achieving their goals. Not only this, but it has also helped them to uplift their personalities and have a different outlook towards their work-life. It is beneficial for your confidence levels and personality building.

The training course and the modulated study material provided by Koenig Solutions for ITIL and other Microsoft Cloud certification helps the candidate to acquire the skills required for clearing the examination. Moreover, they provide a better understanding of the concepts.

Other Microsoft  Certifications

Koenig Solutions also provides other certifications that will boost your skillset and benefit you in the long run. One of them isMicrosoft Azure certification,an opportunity to enhance your cloud concepts and various Azure services like Azure workloads, Azure pricing and support.

Techniques acquired by this certification has revolutionised the methods of delivering services to clients.


Koenig Solutions providean Azure certification trainingcourse that is well-modulated and divided into specific sections, which you can access at their website.

The topics mentioned above serve as a basic outline of all theAzure certifications. The course material and other sub-sections vary according to the certificate you choose. Koenig Solutions is a one-stop destination that provides you with the proper guidance and knowledge required to clear the most significant examinations.

Certification Details

Below given is the Azure certification cost of the six significant certifications provided by Microsoft.

Certification Name Cost
Microsoft Azure Fundamentals   $99
Microsoft Azure Administrator $165
Microsoft Azure Developer $165
Microsoft Azure Security Engineer $165
Microsoft Azure AI Engineer $165
Microsoft Azure Data Scientist $165

Koenig Solutions has a team of expert educators to help you gain maximum knowledge and successful doubt clarification sessions. Separate slots have been reserved in the courses for candidates to practice enough questions and sample papers.


Microsoft Azure certification has provided a platform to many businesses (including small firms) that are safe and secure from any security threats. TheseMicrosoft Azure certificationshave paved the way for various firms to understand the cloud platforms and get the best out of them.

One must choose the certification carefully according to their requirements and which part of the domain they would like to excel in.