How to Use an LMS for Onboarding your New Hires – Quick Guide


Using the best onboarding software to onboard your new hires will help your organization build trust and establish a strong rapport with the new employees.

Onboarding new employees can be very tedious, difficult, time-taking, pricey, and most importantly, it can be ineffective if not done appropriately and without proper planning. The best onboarding programs are built by a team of experts; with proper planning, they blend the training content seamlessly to create a process that is efficient and attainable. In this case, Learning Management System (LMS) plays a vital role. LMS makes the onboarding program simple to deliver and keeps the new hires engaged with the training content.

Because the new hires have gone through the whole process of switching jobs and then trying to adjust to the new workplace environment, for that reason, the organizations need to make the transition easy, which will help the new hires to accustom themselves to their surroundings. Efficient onboarding is imperative because it can make or break the employee’s first impression of your organization.

Thus, adapting to LMS for a smooth onboarding process is essential to onboarding your new hires. LMS has a wide range of uses, some of which are – onboarding new hires, training the existing employees, using microlearning for providing important and rapid training to the employees, upskilling the employees, compliance training, and more.

Here are some of the ways you can use an LMS for onboarding your new hires and providing them with a warm and welcoming environment.

1) Integrate LMS with your HR System

This is the most important step and crucial for a smooth onboarding process. Integrating an LMS with your HR system will help in quickening the process by removing the team who does the manual work by entering the data manually and adding every new hire one by one. LMS allows batch uploads, where you can add multiple employees altogether. Once the new hires are added to your LMS, they can access their training material. This will also lower the chances of any errors.

2) Build a Welcome Presentation

On the first day in the office, the new hires come with mixed feelings. Some could be excited and overwhelmed and some could be full of anxiety. The organizations must make the new hires feel welcomed and direct them to important places within the organization. Thus, creating a welcome presentation can help the new hires become aware of different areas and start their new journey with you smoothly. With the help of an LMS, you can give your new hires a virtual tour of the company and introduce them to the senior management. When the new hires have a great onboarding experience, they are likely to stay with the organization for long.

3)  Set Timelines for Course Completion

It is vital to create a specific course completion timeline for your onboarding process. This will help in ensuring that the new hires are learning what they need to know and understand in a specific timeframe. LMS allows you to set a period for every course, which will encourage the new hires to complete the course within that period. You have an option to select a week, a month, or whatever time you wish to add to allow them to complete that course and meet their onboarding goals.

4) Gamification

Adding gamification elements will help in increasing the engagement level and turn the mundane training sessions into games. Gamifying elements will lower the mental barrier and will help in absorbing the online training content efficiently. This will also help in increasing knowledge retention and motivating the new hires. By combining microlearning and mobile learning with gamification elements, you can take eLearning to the next level for the new employees.

In the end, you want your new hires to excel in their roles and responsibilities; you can play your part in leading them to success by providing the new hires the best onboarding training. LMS for onboarding helps in building trust with the brand and getting the new hires ramp better and faster than ever. By using the right and the best LMS for onboarding, you can measure the overall performance of the new hires and see where there is room for improvement. With an LMS and the right learning material, you can help the new hires acquire needed knowledge, skills, and expertise much faster