6 Types of Mixer Grinders and Their Uses


    Mixer grinders are one of the essential kitchen appliances in all households. In the fast-paced world of life, including the kitchen. Of them.

    There are no more days when our grandmothers would soak in the sun and wrestle against using the bricks to make a paste, powder, an assortment of spices, and other food items needed in the kitchen. 

    Thanks to the development of technology, there are a variety of mixer grinders accessible in the marketplace. They are also used in homes, restaurants, hotels, and homes to process food.

    But, not all of them are alike, and different people utilize different kinds and models of Mixer Grinder to meet their requirements.

    While the principle is the same in any mixer grinders, there is an element of difference, and they have different functions.

    So let’s go into the depths to learn about the various types of grinders for mixers. 

    Different Types of Mixer Grinder

    Today’s Mixer grinders aren’t simply a jar with blades connected to a base with an electric motor but go more than the basic idea. There are many different kinds of mixer grinders to fulfill specific needs, and the attachments are modified depending on the requirements.

    Dry Mixer Grinders

    This mixer comes with distinct blades, and they are robust and suitable for crushing dry spices and nuts, among other things.

    The blades have to be rotated at high speed to ensure that the ingredients, such as spices, which need to be ground into a fine powder in smaller pieces, are quickly done.

    The blades are bent near the pivot point but then flat and turn upwards again. The angle between the sections is about 45 degrees.

    They are designed to pull the spices solid down, push into powder, and then slough off the upwards by rotating, leaving room for the other pieces. It is fit to grind spices.

    Wet mixer grinders

    If you plan to create a paste from grains, lentils, rice or ginger paste, onion paste, or other ingredients that require water, it’s ideal to use wet grinders. They typically include four blades that are connected to the pivot rotating.

    Two blades are angled downwards, and two are angled upwards. When the pivot is rotating at high speed, the blades create a pate from the liquids inside.

    Mixer grinder for cutting and shredding

    If you can cut vegetables and fruits using this kind of mixer grinder, you don’t need to use a knife or cutting board.

    Make use of the bowl that has the shredding or cutting disc to create uniform pieces of fruit and vegetables at the turn on the handle.

    There is no need to sweat in the kitchen, and it will make the cooking experience significantly better and cook delicious food items.

    Mixing grinder for chutney and sauces

    Chutneys and sauces are a staple in nearly every food. There is no reason to purchase these from the store as they are easy to make. 

    Create sauces and chutneys with the perfect texture and taste using the chutney blades, and don’t let anyone be unhappy about the flavor. 

    Mixer grinder with mincing

    The kitchen chefs have to chop or mince the vegetables or meat at least once or twice, and it is recommended to use a meat mincer for this function.

    The blades are different, and the ingredients don’t transform into powder. However, they chop the right ingredients to make the dish you’re planning to prepare.


    You’ve messed up your kitchen when making the cream to make the cake or the dough to make the bread. The blending attachments that come with these mixers and grinder mocktails juices were never this effortless before.

    Furthermore, they can make the perfect dough without stressing your wrists. It is also possible to use hand blenders and remove the ingredients.


    These days mixer grinders are utilized not just for grinding and mixing but also for other uses. In short, we can say that these are the processors of food.

    All kinds of mixer grinders described above are available individually or in a single unit. It is either necessary to replace the bowl that the blades cannot be returned or replace the edges to suit a specific purpose.

    For blenders, it’s always recommended to have separate units to achieve perfect blending or make the dough by beating, kneading, or beating the flour or similar products.

    It’s time to choose any of these options and get cooking. Mixer grinders have created an exciting change in kitchens, and it is essential to use the most recent technology to feel the impact.


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