How to Recall an Email from Outlook?

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Outlook as an email and communication service is such an extraordinary platform that it has attracted the users. In no time has it garnered extreme importance and efficiency among users all across the globe. Not only in the United States but in many countries, including middle eastern countries and Asian countries as well. All the corporate world workers are constant users of the application and cannot communicate effectively without Microsoft Outlook, which was the plan for the application. Now that users send and receive messages every day constantly, the number of messages has increased, so naturally, users would like some messages that they have sent and will not like some other messages. Hence, many users have asked on the internet about how one can Recall Outlook Email? This is an important question that should be addressed and not many people know the answer to this. All the other platforms allow you to recall or retrieve sent emails which is a great feature that helps users, this proves to be a shortfall for Outlook when users have no idea of how to retrieve emails. The lack of knowledge about Outlook can be a shortcoming, so in this article, we will let you know all about how one can retrieve emails in Outlook. Also, if you want information about topics related to Outlook then you must visit Datarecovo and know all you need to know.

How to recall the Outlook emails?

First of all, we present the most important section about the recalling of outlook messages that everyone should know about. As this is something that most users want to know and none of them knows about, so without wasting any more time let’s go into how one can Recall Message Outlook.

  • If you want to recall an email in Outlook, first find it in “Sent Items” which can be found in your Outlook email account. Perhaps hit the “File.” option and choose “Info” that is present in the blue column, then you must tap on “Resend or Recall,” then click on the “Recall This Message” option.
  • After you have done the above-given steps, ensure that  “Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient” is chosen. After you are done with this it will send you a message informing you that the recalling of your outlook is working or not. The next step would be to tap on the “Delete unread copies of this message” option.
  • Also, if you want to edit the emails and perhaps send them again when Outlook recalls the previous version, then you must click on the “Delete unread copies and replace with a new message” option instead.
  • Another thing that one should know about recalling emails is that it only works on the messages which are not opened in the Outlook desktop app. In this case, when the emails have not been checked, keep in mind that both users are a part of the exact Microsoft Exchange server.
  • After going through all these stages,  the users or receivers can very easily disable the characteristic that they want to which they Recall Email Outlook 365. Now, if you want to recall, you can go to Options in Mail and uncheck the “Automatically process meeting requests and responses to meeting requests and polls” option which can be found in the Tracking area. This option will surpass the recall option just by finding the original message first that is communicated first. Only then this will come through if everyone that you send messages to is using Outlook and perhaps sets it up in the same technique. However, this function is not the most important or worthy to use but can recall your messages on Outlook.


These are the steps that are given above which will help you to recall all the messages on Outlook today in 2021. These are well tried and tested methods and have been applauded after being used by several users across the globe. All the users who have used the method have seemed to find it effective in recalling the messages on Outlook. All the users who had trouble in making sure how they can recall the outlook messages can follow the above-given steps and recall or unsend the messages.

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