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Whether professional or personal work, emails are still a lifesaver for many people out there. email is also one such email service provider with more users. Since it got merged with AT&T users have various confusions with the method to log in. So we will be guiding our readers to know the login methods of the BellSouth email account.

Brief details about BellSouth:

The former name of this is Southern Bell and South Central Bell. The email service provider is a popular telecommunication service with wireless, free of cost and internet services. It offers high-quality services to their clients with better features available.

How to login?

Method 1 Login from the browser:

Follow the steps given below to access the bellsouth email login successfully.

Step 1: Open the browser, then type AT&T BellSouth login page in the address bar and hit the enter button.

Step 2: When the login page of your BellSouth account opens, type in your email address and password in the required boxes.

Step 3: After entering the information correctly, click on the ‘sign in’ option that is at the bottom.

Note: If you are using this email service from your own device, then ensure to check the box ‘keep me signed in’. In case, if it is not your device, remember to uncheck that box.

Method 2 Login through mail2web:

Step 1: In your address bar of the browser, type and hit the enter option.

Step 2: Then from the left side of the page, you can find the BellSouth email form.

Step 3: Now, bellsouth email login page will appear where you will have to type your email address and password in the required fields.

Step 4: Once you have typed your login credentials without any mistake, then you can hit on the login option to access your BellSouth email account.

How to register for a BellSouth email?

To login to your BellSouth account, first, you will have to register and create an account.

Step 1: Visit the login page of the email account where you could find an option to create the account.

Step 2: Now in the login form, you will have to enter information like name, age, location and a unique email address that you desire. Remember the email login credentials, since it will help you with the login process of the BellSouth account.

Step 3: Once you have completed step 2 completely, enter the phone number and alternate email address for securing your account.

Step 4: After completing these 3 steps, you have now successfully created a BellSouth account. With the created email address and password now you can get login into your account.

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The company maintained its largest operation centers in Atlanta and Birmingham. Region-wide headquarters operations were also primarily in Atlanta and Birmingham. Statewide operations centers were located in Birmingham, Miami, Atlanta, Louisville, New Orleans, Jackson, Charlotte, Columbia, and Nashville. BellSouth Mobility was based in Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama.

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