How to Perform & Evaluate Cost of Roof Waterproofing Services

Roof Waterproofing Services

Whether in a construction or renovation, a good practice is to hire a specialized waterproofing services company to perform Roof Waterproofing Services and roof heat proofing services. This is because most failures are due to errors in the application of waterproofing chemical. It is better to allocate this important phase to qualified waterproofing specialist.

How to perform roof waterproofing services

Asphalt blanket for roof under construction – When it comes to a construction, in which roof leakage treatment will be applied before the subfloor, the most common is the application of asphalt blanket.

This is a roof leakage waterproofing that we apply before the subfloor. It has no surface mechanical resistance.

It is a material easily found in large construction stores. Do not try to apply it yourself and hire professional roof heat proofing services.

It is a prefabricated system, sold in rolls. Generally, it’s applied hot, using a blowtorch to adhere the rolls to the slab.

Serious waterproofing companies in Pakistan like Roof Power, usually offer 05 years of warranty. It is same as “shelf life” estimated by manufacturers.

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Flexible Polyester below the subfloor – Although it is not very common (since the cost of the asphalt blanket during the construction phase is usually lower). It is possible to apply a modern system with a 15-year guarantee directly on the slab. It also has an estimated durability of more than 30 years. We apply this warehouse waterproofing directly to the subfloor during the construction phase. It eliminates the need for a coating (ceramic or porcelain, for example).

It is a composite of flexible high performance polyester resins. It’s reinforces with polyester terephthalate or roving blankets.

In applications of roof waterproofing in Pakistan below the subfloor, you can omit the topcoat.

When working on the subfloor, it receives a finishing layer. It chemically fuses with the rest of the system as resistant to the transit of people, the weather and UV rays.

Roof Power (, a roof waterproofing Services Company, offers a 15-year warranty. We have been a waterproofing specialist for over 35 years, operating throughout Punjab.

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How to evaluate the cost of roof waterproofing services?

Is the roof under construction, or is it a property already in use? This impacts on the inconvenience (or not. It happens due to the application of the chosen roof waterproofing services DHA. I also impacts on the value. This means that the cost of waterproofing services in Islamabad can be 3.3 to 5x more. It is lower when the construction phase gets the same system. It is also applicable for roof heat-proofing, basement waterproofing, water tank waterproofing, bathroom leakage treatment and bathroom and tiles waterproofing.

The cost of Roof Waterproofing Services in Lahore varies according to the system chosen, the stage of construction and the technical conditions of the area.

As we saw earlier, in a renovation, the price of roof waterproofing services is 3.3 to 5x higher.

If you are looking for a price estimate of Roof Power for your roof, contact our team.

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