Do Medical Reports Play any Role in Protection from Abuse Petition?

Abuse Petition

Domestic violence is one blemish on the entire society. Harassing someone physically or mentally is legally not accepted and the abuser should be punished for his or her acts. To deal with these issues, Protection from Abuse(PFA) has been implemented in the United States. The victim may file a petition in court to get protection from an abuser, who may have been harassing or torturing the victim for a long time. It is highly recommended to file a petition with the help of a reputed law firm such as

Do medical reports add value to your petition?

You might have filed a petition for bodily injuries that you have received after being physically tortured. If you have contacted a health care provider after that, you will have a medical report showing the injuries and their treatment. It can be the testimony in the restraining order that the torture has caused you physical injuries. Police reports can also act as testimony because it is the detail of factual observation of the scene. The judge will keep in mind these details to imagine what may have happened.

The medical reports, on the contrary, are not prepared by keeping in mind the crime scene. They give out the details of your injuries, treatments, and future visits to the doctor. That’s why many lawyers don’t attach copies of medical reports with the petition. If anything in these reports is found inaccurate, it may hurt the victim’s claim to get the protection. That’s why it is strongly recommended to follow what the lawyer suggests.

Medical reports are good for understanding the injuries

The reports can show the extent of injuries such as how impactful the hit was. If the medical report is attached, the judge may consider the pain, you might have undergone at the time and after the injury. That’s why it is highly recommended to consult with your lawyer on whether to attach a medical report or not. Apart from this, the medical terms can be understood with the help of a medical expert and the judge may need him for the interpretation. It may take more time to review and figure out the extent of injuries. Many lawyers don’t want to give any medical proof at the time of filing a petition.

You need to get in touch with a lawyer to file a petition because he is aware of the laws and system in a better way.