Guide On What Does Aesthetic Means in Context of Fashion


Aesthetics is the philosophical study of art, beauty, and taste. It means that anything that is beautiful to look at, and this thing of beauty must have evolved over time. In the context of fashion, aesthetics is the style that stays constant regardless of what trend comes across time and space. Applying aesthetics in the context of fashion does not always mean following a particular trend of dressing, in fact, it could either be mixing and matching certain clothes, pairing a dress with an accessory of a particular era or altogether stuffing up the cupboard with comfortable clothes of particular colour scheme.

Aesthetics in fashion can also refer to conformity to certain subcultures or groups. It would also include expressing your personality by following a certain fashion statement or trend set by some community or people who are fanatic about the same things that you are or have the same ideologies that you do. The common terms which usually come to mind while talking about aesthetics in fashion are vintage dresses, gothic style, or artistic. These terms could be applied to clothing, accessories, or even beautification of the self. These styles can be followed in your workplace, on casual days outs, or even at parties because it solely depends on what kind of looks are being created with different pieces of clothing. It has often been observed that creating an aesthetic look does not always go as per planning or brainstorming. In fact, it comes out spontaneously and unintentionally when you pick an accessory that is very classy, pick up a pair of shoes which are super comfy and at the same time choose a dress which makes you look like a diva and the end product of this whole look is ready to rock your aesthetic style!

The idea of aesthetic fashion may imply you carelessly picking up parts of a particular style and creating a totally unintentional and effortless but put-together look. However, there is one thing that is always to be kept in mind and that is the look must have proper coordination in all possible aspects, and it must not look odd or inappropriate for the occasion.

It might seem to be quite a cumbersome task bordering on an insurmountable challenge to decide what kind of dresses or accessories would suit the most to create the aesthetic outfit look, but the task would become much easier if a person first decides what kind of look he or she is comfortable with and find it in a hassle-free way. For the primary research before making the final selection of aesthetic outfits look, different kinds of celebrity styles can be checked out, inspiration from fictional characters or choice of music can also be considered which might have a strong influence on the clothes.

Aesthetic outfits

Some of the most popular aesthetic styles and outfits that can be experimented with are as follows:

E- Girl

Do you live by the number of likes on your social media platform or the number of followers you need to communicate with at regular intervals? If you are exactly like this then the best aesthetic dressing style for you would be the E- Girl aesthetics where you can mix up different trends and alternative fashion statements to create the most trending aesthetic outfit.


This particular aesthetic style was initiated and practised in the year 1960, and it still finds its appeal in the youth and old alike. The aesthetic outfits from the mod style include mostly black, white, and streamlined silhouettes. Pair your outfit with some Gogo boots to go and you are ready to walk away with a futuristic modern look.

Cottage Gore

Have you ever been intrigued by those fluffy floral printed dresses worn by countryside women? You can try out the cottage come aesthetic outfits which include different kinds of summer clothes like floral printed outfits, puffy sleeves, and long hemmed dresses.


If you want your clothes to reflect the artist in you, the arty aesthetics is the one for you! You can style your own dresses by interchanging the designs and look of your dress that would suit your personality. If you are more like a bright bird, then neon colours, stripes, and primary colours in your dresses would seem very colourful, vibrant, and most certainly fitting. However, if you have a rather solemn and close personality, denim or dark colours presented in an artistic way would be the best for you.


Do you want to unleash that bad girl side that you have always felt at the back of your mind as a second personality of yours? If your answer is yes then this baddie aesthetic style is the perfect go-to for you! You can actually look flirty and young at the same time by flaunting your tight jeans and glam, gorgeous makeup.


Have you ever been called a one-colour person or to be more specific boring in terms of the selection of clothes? Well, you must be a follower of the normcore aesthetic style, where you don’t even care about the idea of setting a unique trend with your dressing sense. It’s more like “less is more” where simple dress and basic accessorizing would complete the look.

Y2K style

Starting from the year 2000, the Y2K fashion aesthetic style has gained a lot of popularity. Style statements that may involve a pair of low waist jeans and or tracksuits for that matter can enhance the eccentric, playful and flirtatious side of the women like no other dress.


If you want to bring out your loud, bright, and inherent carefree spirit into your dressing style, you can try out the original aesthetic style that is inspired by the hippie look straight out of the 1970s. In order to achieve this look, you can try experimenting with jumpsuits, loose-fitting clothes, and flared pants. It is quite similar to the bohemian aesthetic style which balances a laid back attitude and a sense of freedom at the same time.