Great Tips and Strategies for Business Travelers

Business Travelers
Business Travelers

The complete list of Business Travel Tips includes practical and valuable business travel recommendations / frequent traveler tips to make your business travel go more smoothly, efficiently, and intelligently. I’ve made numerous travel blunders over the years as a frequent business traveler. 

Along the process, I’ve learned a lot about how to make business travel as comfortable as possible while maximizing your enjoyment. Well-versed in everything from reducing travel stress to being meeting-ready right off the plane in order to keep her hustle both on the job and when traveling 20-plus-hour flights.

Here she developed a streamlined packing technique because advising on policy for millions of global users does not leave her with a lot of time for packing. Whether you’re a boss babe or still making your way up the corporate ladder, this is great advice that everyone can utilize. 

Consider where you stay

When I travel for work, I only stay in hotels. When I go on vacation in easy-to-navigate nations, I aim to stay in Airbnbs because I think it’s a fun way to see the place and learn about the culture.

When I travel with friends, I prefer Airbnbs because they are more cost-effective for group trips. Plus, booking a hotel or flight with AirlinesMap is usually a better deal than attempting to cram into a block of hotel rooms or one or two suites. 

Pack the right clothing

Because aircraft are cold and you never know what the weather will be like in your host nation, I always bring a sweater to layer. For a trip, it’s critical to invest in one quality blazer: With jeans and a jacket, you may be formal or business casual.

Black flats are suitable for both professional and casual use, and they are easy to transport. Always have extra underwear on hand. You never know when you’ll have time to do laundry or if your boss will allow it.

Prepare a travel kit

You have no idea what might happen in the time between security and your favorite destination, or how your body will react. I prefer to be well-prepared for any eventuality.

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I have Advil on hand in case of back or muscle discomfort or migraines, tissues on hand in case of last-minute sneezes (or to hand out if there’s a snotty child next to me), and an eye mask and earplugs in case I can’t quiet my mind and need to focus or sleep. 

Use jet lag to your advantage

Working out can help you overcome jet lag by improving your energy and regulating your metabolism. In a study of hamsters, jet lag lasted only 1.6 days in the exercised hamsters compared to 5-4 days in the un-exercised hamsters!

When I’m on a business trip and can’t sleep, I always head to the hotel gym. Working exercise can exhaust you to the point where you fall asleep. In my hotel gym, I always work out for at least 10 minutes in the morning.

Perfect your packing strategy

I almost never check a suitcase because it saves me an hour of travel time that I could spend at the hotel or in a lounge. I also have a single bag that can hold my laptop and other things. A Longchamp tote is my go-to bag since it looks professional for a business meeting while also carrying all I need for my travels. 

Make your hotel room feel like home

Keep clutter to a minimum, especially in a small area. Bring office supplies and set them out on the hotel desk if you’re traveling for work. The last thing you want is to be unable to work due to a lack of resources; after all, this is a business trip.

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And on occasion, I’ll bring my own tea bags and nibbles, knowing that they’ll offer me joy even if I’m not feeling very adventurous with the cuisine.

Stretch between flights

You may not realize how exhausted your muscles are between flights or during sections of your journey until you are forced to sit for four to twelve hours at a time with limited walking space. On long flights, I’ve discovered that stretching before sitting makes my legs less restless. 


She also adheres to a sound exercise and wellness regimen that she has tailored to her hectic schedule. Want to know how to save money on the road? This tech strategist, who grew up in Bangladesh and Japan, learned an MPA from Cornell University. Discusses her travel philosophy and insider advice here.