The Most Common Laptop Woes & Their Fixes

Laptop Repair

Hey laptop users, if you are facing laptop malfunctions, you can easily fix them. Here are the best laptop repair tricks you should know.

If your laptop refuses to turn on, check for its charging and AC adapter. To fix the black screen, hold the power button and check for memory glitches. If it turns off and on, replace memory modules, and if the issue is of weird noises, check the cooling fan and hard drive. 

For Wi-Fi woes, check the internet service provider, and for fixing frequent shutdowns, clean the fan and heat sink. 

To help with charging issues, adjust the AC adapter or replace your battery. For a flickering screen, replace its screen inverter, and for visual glitches, connect your screen to an external monitor and change the graphic card. 

Finally, for a stuck keyboard, clean the keycaps from underneath or replace your keyboard.

What Are The Most Common Laptop Woes & Their Fixes?

Here is the list of all the challenges your laptop faces and their quick fixes shared by laptop repair experts. Let’s dive into the details!

It Won’t Power On!

When you push the power button, nothing happens. It is one of the common laptop dramas. To fix this, check the power first to make sure your laptop is fully charged. If it is, but still no action, you should probably check the AC adapter. Use a voltmeter to test it, or replace it with a new one. If the AC adapter is right, the issue is most likely with the DC jack or, in the worst case, the motherboard.

The Mysterious Blank Screen

Lights are on, sounds are playing, but the display screen? A blank canvas. Annoying, right? Unplug, remove the battery, hold that power button, and plug it all back in. If that doesn’t fix it, it is probably a memory glitch. Check the memory modules – perhaps they want a bit of attention or a replacement. Still a clean canvas? The issue is with the motherboard or processor.

Laptop Keeps Turn On And Off

The next problem that laptop repair specialists in Houston share with us is the laptop’s constant turn-off and on the problem. How do you feel when your laptop keeps turning on and off? Isn’t it frustrating? Hold on, here is the fix. First stop, memory modules – check and, if required, replace them. No change? It is fine; it can be a motherboard issue.

Laptop Making Weird Noises 

Though laptops are the orchestra of the tech world, if yours is playing the wrong tune, you must take action. Look for the cooling fan; it may require a tune-up. With a silent fan, is it still noisy? The hard drive might be creating this noise. So, backup your files and data before the hard drive takes a long break.

Irritating Wi-Fi Woes

Ah, the frustrations of Wi-Fi troubles. Don’t blame your computer entirely; from time to time, it is the Wi-Fi’s fault. Beware of troublesome peripherals causing signal chaos. Also, take a look at your internet service provider – they might be responsible for the internet mystery.

Frequent Shuts Down Or Freezes

You’re in the zone, and abruptly, your laptop decides to take a rest. Overheating can be a reason behind it. Feel the heat at the bottom? Clean that fan and heat sink, and let your processor breathe. No one likes a stuffy computer.

The Charging Blues 

Is your laptop not charging well? Adjust that AC adapter plug and twist it a bit. Voila! Is it charging again? If not, your battery needs a replacement. 

Dim Or Flickering Screens

Do you have to strain your eyes to see your laptop screen? If everything else works, it is possibly the screen inverter or backlight on strike. Swap them out, and your screen will shine bright once again.

The Visual Glitch 

To troubleshoot the problem of funky visuals on the screen, connect it to an external monitor. If the issue persists, blame the graphics card. If it is just your PC screen, the motherboard, video cable, or display might be the culprits.

The Keys Go Silent

Have you ever typed something on your laptop’s keyboard, and it didn’t respond to you? Isn’t it frustrating? It could be that the keys are sticking. Remove the keycaps carefully and clean from below. Still no improvement? It’s time to replace your keyboard. 

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Wrapping It Up

So here you have learned all the common laptop problems and their quick solutions by laptop repair experts. We hope by implementing these fixes; you can wave goodbye to frequent visits to various laptop repair shops in Houston. Happy computing!


  1. What Are The Main Tips For A Laptop Upkeep?

Update your software and web browsers. Uninstall any apps that you do not use. Turn off your computer on the weekends or when you leave it alone for a long period. Backup your files daily.

2. Is It Possible To Use 7-Year-Old Laptop?

Your computer can last 4 to 5 years on average. You can use it if the issue is with any single part, and you can repair it; otherwise, go for a new laptop.

3. Why Does My Laptop Run So Slowly?

Heavy apps that launch automatically and run in the background, or programs you open but forget to close, could be slowing your laptop.