How to Get the Most From Your Laptop’s Battery By Computer Repair Shop

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Computers and Laptops are people’s daily necessities. Technology is emerging and revolutionizing day by day, and so are electronic gadgets. There are a lot of main elements that laptop and computer keepers regularly contemplate when they purchase and operate their laptops. One of the essential elements is the battery and its longevity. No one wants to buy a gadget with poor battery life. People try their best to buy a laptop with impressive specifications, including battery, no matter how costly. When you spend a huge sum of money on purchasing a fine-quality battery, you’d want it to work for a longer period. Data Forge, a computer repair shop in Henderson, offers various approaches and methods to keep your battery in good condition and maximize its life regularly. They provide different computer, laptop, tablet, MacBook, and Game console repair services. Their services comprise high-performance laptop batteries that can last hours without charging. If you don’t want to purchase a brand-new laptop because you already have one, there are certain tips on getting the most out of your laptop’s battery and maintaining and prolonging battery life.

Don’t Charge 100%

Many people like to charge their battery to 100% as it is much more satisfying but the least healthy thing you can do to your laptop’s battery. Computer repair stores recommend keeping your laptop’s battery charged between 20-80%. Doing so will help you retain your battery for a longer time. If you recharge your laptop’s battery fully, it can damage your computer. Some people also don’t plug it off even when charged 100%. Overcharging is never good for any electronic device because it degrades rapidly. When you see that the laptop is charged, unplug it from the socket because if you don’t, it will continue to draw power, and you’ll lose the battery soon. 

Reduce Screen Brightness

Another method to eke out more battery is to reduce brightness. Reducing brightness will not influence your productivity and entertainment. Less brightness draws less energy and battery. Decrease it till you are comfortable and not irritated. Too much brightness is not too good for your eyes too. You can also turn the auto-brightness feature on so that the brightness will decrease in a dim environment or when you are working inside the house but increasing the sunlight. This feature will help your battery to last longer. 

Tweak the Power Settings of the Laptop

Almost all electronic gadgets have a power setting that can be disabled and enabled when required to preserve the battery. A computer repair shop in Henderson suggests enabling and toggling on all the battery power-saving features to save battery as much as you can. You can also switch on low power mode, and you won’t have to sacrifice the performance of your battery. To see the power settings, click the battery icon in the bottom right corner of your laptop and go to power settings to enable and disable the options you want. You can put your laptop in saver mode from there because it reduces extra background activity when your laptop’s battery is low. Try to shut down your laptop when it is not in use. If you must use your laptop after a few minutes, put it in sleep mode to save the battery. 

Close Background Apps

When unwanted apps running in the background, they consume energy and battery. When you are not using any application, make sure to close it. To close all the apps and notifications, go to the bottom right corner of your laptop and click on the “task view option,” then click X on the top right corner to close all the apps opened in your windows. Doing this will positively influence your battery a lot so do it regularly.

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Disable Unutilized Hardware

There are a lot of hardware elements in your laptops, such as graphic cards, WiFi adaptors, processors and Bluetooth. These hardwares also require a battery to function. So when you are not using your laptop, they keep consuming the battery. For example, if you are not using Bluetooth and WiFi, you can turn them off and disable them to save and extend their battery life. 

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Prevent Laptop From Overheating

One of the dangerous things to your battery is overheating. When your laptop overheats, it can cause many problems with the internal components, including the battery. If you want your battery to work longer, keep your computer on hard and flat surfaces like a table. Keeping laptops on a pillow, bed, or blanket can stop the ventilation and airflow of your laptop, causing it to overheat. Avoid using computers and laptops in extremely hot temperatures, especially under the sunlight. The electronic Repair store in Henderson advises you to use a cooling pad under your laptop. When you follow all these steps and regularly maintain your laptop’s battery, you can get years of usage out. 

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