Don’t forget to store your memories before celebrating New Year

New Year
New Year

New Year brings us new happiness. We happily welcome the New Year with a smile on our faces. This time, let’s not forget that although the last year was a tough one, it had also given us many reasons to smile as well. We usually think a lot about how to celebrate the coming year but forget to bid goodbye to the last one.

Let’s have a revision on what all we did last year and why it was one of the memorable years. From your lockdown memories to unlocking ourselves in a unique way, start revising the moments with your dear ones.

For this purpose, you can use the way of sending gifts. Gifting each other on New Year is a great idea to celebrate the very first day. But have you ever thought of making your celebrations unique by celebrating the memories we created in the last year? Pick the date 31 December to send all your friends a gift of “Farewell to 2020”.

Let all your loved ones know that they have been playing a significant part in your life, they made you smile in the last year, and that you can’t imagine spending a year without them. Share a special memory from the passing year with them and let them know that you wish to spend a new year with them, with more of such lovely moments.

Photo Cake

Cakes can’t be separated from celebrations. Celebrate the past moments with your loved ones by cutting a photo cake. Be it a family picture or a photo with your friends, you can pick one of the best pictures from your 2020 diaries and upload it on the website of MyFlowerApp.Com. You will get the picture of the most delicious cake from MyFlowerApp’s bakery that has got a flavorsome collection of cakes.

Flowers and card

We used to send greeting cards on New Year when there was a lack of upgraded internet services and technological development. But now, sending flowers online is one of the easiest and beautiful ways to wish our dear ones.

To remind them about the lovely moments from the last year, send your loved one’s gift of flower bouquets with a card and write down your message to them.

Personalized gifts

Customize a gift by uploading a beautiful picture from the 2020 diaries. You can personalize a t-shirt to send your best friend, a coffee mug for your lover, a wall clock with a family picture to your mother, a photo key chain for your brother, and a photo personalized potted plant for your father.

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This will let them remember the beautiful memory from the respective year. On the gift, you can also mention the date and time of the photo taken.

Photo frame- collages

Make an album of “Memories from 2020”, both good and bad, and send it to your dearest people. Pick all your favorite pictures with friends and family and send them a set of mosaic photo frames or a collage to hang on the wall. This is one of the best gifts to cherish the memories of the passing year.

A small Get together at home

Celebration is another word of togetherness. Bid farewell to 2020 by inviting your few close ones and celebrate the sweet memories together at home.

Prepare dinner for them and enjoy new year’s eve with unlimited chitchats, laughter, and drinks. This way, you can say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021 together with your loved ones.