4 Top PHP Frameworks Compared For Web Development In 2021


The term PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor which is an HTML-embedded server-side scripting language. It helps in session tracking and the management of databases and dynamic contents. PHP can assist in the building of complete e-commerce websites.

PHP has its integration with various renowned databases like Informix, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle. Therefore, PHP is well-known among developers for its security and simple-to-use platform.

It is advised to hire dedicated laravel developers to know more about PHP frameworks.

PHP acts on system operations as it can make files. Hypertext Preprocessor can also access a file, read its data or write upon it and it can close them as well. Developers can add parts or delete them from their database if they wish.

They can also alter database elements with PHP.  It can collect data from other files, or save those data within a file. Users can also return or send data over email. They can also set cookies or access their variables. PHP can also encrypt data and establish user restrictions over certain website pages.

A Directory is a specially designed database that stores information within a tree structure. LDAP stands for light-weight directory access protocol to access Directory Servers. The term IMAP means Internet Message Access Protocol that is used to retrieve email messages.

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However, some messages are left over the email server by the IMAP-using client. Those messages remain in the server unless the user deletes them. POP3 stands for Post office Protocol which is a standard Internet protocol.

As a client-server architecture concept, N-tier architecture logically and physically separates the functions in presentation, process, and data management. The lack of resource sharing of these functions, which are each running on separate machines, guarantees the best and efficient service.    

According to the Yii Development Company, the email software clients of the local server gather the emails through a TCP/IP connection over a remote mail server. CORBA or Common Object Request Broker Architecture. It is a messaging procedure that facilitates communication among distributed objects in a network.

COM stands for Component Object Model is an object-oriented system that creates interactive binary software components. COM is a distributed and platform-free system that is the root technology behind online Active-X and compound documents OLE from Microsoft.

Apache is a web server that serves content and web assets over HTTP while processing requests. Apache is known to handle vast quantities of web traffic with the least configuration.

Its efficiency can be improved with unwanted module removal. PHP can create vibrant web content as it works in parallel with Apache. 

SQL means Structured Query Language that enables the user to access and alter databases. SQL can execute queries against a database or gathers data from a database. It can also insert, update or delete records within a database.

SQL can also create a new database or make new tables in an existing database. It can also create views and store procedures within a database. Structured Query Language or SQL can establish permission for views, tables, and procedures. One can hire laravel developers to gather further details.              

A vast number of vital protocols are supported by PHP like LDAP, IMAP, and POP3.  PHP4 has made n-tier development possible with distributed object architectures like CORBA and COM along with additional Java support.

The compiling of PHP with the Unix-side Apache module has enabled seamless zippy execution. Once activated, the MySQL server executes highly complex queries with vast results within a short time.

The Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP is secured, simple, familiar, efficient, and flexible.


Dynamic web applications are established with this popular, dependable, and swift PHP framework – CodeIgnitor. The PHP framework has several in-built modules that enable programmers for component creation.

These components simplify the complex procedures involved in web development. The main source of fame for CodeIgnitor arises from its standing on simplified coding statement developments, upgrades, and deletion. Developers do not have to write fresh SQL codes to achieve their objectives.

Characteristics of CodeIgnitor

  1. Enables simple tweaking and transference of data.
  2. Handles errors without hassles.
  3. Offers functional data validation.
  4. A flexible framework helps developers make their personal packages, libraries, and APIs.


As an open-source, simple-to-use, accessible, and creative PHP framework, Laravel helps to build applications such as enterprise-level web apps, B2B, and advanced and multipurpose applications. Laravel also simplifies regular workloads like queuing, routing, and authentication.

The PHP framework eases web development projects with over 20 in-built libraries. Most developers prefer to hire laravel developers for their incomparable speed and protection; along with their capability to manage complications.

Characteristics of Laravel

  1. Creates high-performance backend operations through supportable caching techniques.
  2. Consists of better comprehensive documentation.
  3. Reduces marketing time through simple automated testing.
  4. Possess a simple system of email integration.

Cake PHP

Cake PHP speeds up the process in web development through its open-source, MVC model architecture. Developers can better work concurrently on the app parts by separating the business logic from the app interface.

Cake PHP consists of custom templates that renovate the complete appearance and experience of the app. Hence, according to the Yii Development Company, it is popular in building attractive and feature-packed web applications.

Developers also get to spend less coding time while they design their personal extensions, components, libraries for similar applications. These features of Cake PHP reduce both – the expenditure behind the app and the time it needs for completion.

Characteristics of Cake PHP

  1. Protected by various secure PHP frameworks including SQL injection, XSS protection, CSRF protection, etc.
  2. Code quality enhancement through in-built testing features.
  3. Automating features assists in the effective management of databases.
  4. Reduced development time with in-built validation characteristics.

4. Yii

The development of large-scale web applications is achievable with open-source Yii. It is a PHP framework based on components that are themselves open-source and promises enduring performances.

Large projects like e-commerce stores or CMS forums are possible with multiple protective options like prevention from cookie attacks and cross-site scripting among many others. 

Code generation over Yii is accelerated with various high-extensive tools. Developers at the Yii Development Company can make high-optimization web applications through Yii’s reliable caching support.

Characteristics of Yii

  1. Fast development and performance.
  2. Featured integration with jQuery and AJAX.
  3. Both logging systems and error management are efficient.
  4. Simplified rapid prototyping process through featured Yii.
  5. Issues and queries are dealt with by a vast developer community.