Digital Business Card with QR Code is must for your Sales team

Business Card

Business cards are still the most successful tool for sales professionals to use when it comes to networking, but there is a new wrinkle. The vast majority of individuals discard business cards without even bothering to glance at them. This problem can be remedied by equipping business cards with QR codes, which are also referred to as vCard Plus.

With vCard Plus, you can share business contact details with others just like you would with a physical business card. People who scan the code will be taken to your vCard Plus public profile page, where they can add you as a contact and preserve your information.

Let’s have a look at how digital business cards with QR codes can help your business.

Discover Modern Networking

The importance of networking cannot be overstated for most professions, especially those in the service industry. In contrast to this, many professionals still rely on traditional business cards for networking. Additionally, it is difficult to stand out in a sea of business cards.

Using vCard Plus enables you to expand your network in a whole new way. A vCard Plus QR code printed on your business card enables customers to access your contact information by scanning the code. Let go of the old ways of networking and give your business cards a facelift.

Modify content in real-time

As its contents are constantly updated, a business card does have a short useful life. Your contact information, including your mobile number, email, and mailing address, may all eventually change. In addition, whenever you require to reprint and circulate your business card, you will have to pay more money for the privilege.

Real-time content updates are possible with vCard Plus. You can make as many changes as you want to your vCard Plus personal profile page without losing your vCard Plus QR code or business card. Using a business card with a QR code, you may save money while also preventing customer loss.

Provide Employees With QR Code Business Cards

Rather than normal business cards, sales professionals can print vCard Plus QR codes on company cards. Prospective customers need to be given digital business cards by employees of sales and consultancy firms. In reality, just a small percentage of individuals who might buy physical cards really do.

By publishing vCard Plus QR codes on staff’s business cards, Sales executives may circumvent this difficulty. Customers can scan the QR code onto an employee’s vCard Plus business card to receive their contact information. Termination of vCard Plus is an option available to sales managers. Their QR Code interface just requires them to pause or erase the code.

Share contacts spontaneously and expand your network.

The most obvious disadvantage of using real business cards is that saving a contact requires a laborious amount of work. The information must be copied from the card onto the individuals’ mobile devices. 

This procedure not only takes a lot of time, but it also has a high chance of going wrong. It’s possible for someone to provide the incorrect name or mobile number, which would result in the opportunity for the network being wasted.

The process of saving contacts can be sped up considerably with the assistance of vCard Plus. People can access your vCard Plus profile page by scanning the QR code that is located on it. Once there, they’ll be able to view your details and save your contact. Because there is no requirement for manually entering the contact information, networking can take place more quickly and usually result in more links.

Guide Consumers to Multiple Online Sites

Your digital business cards will be equipped with omnichannel capabilities if you use vCard Plus. With your vCard Plus account page, you have the ability to send users to a number of different locations. In addition to providing them with your contact information, you can also drive them to the company’s social media links and websites in order to generate a higher level of engagement. 

There is no excuse not to switch to a QR code business card, whether you are an independent professional, a sales manager, or a marketing firm that manages business cards for clients.