5 Trending Ways To Create Instagram Carousel Posts


Instagram, since its launch, has evolved more in its features, sections, formats, etc. In the beginning stages, it is considered to be a photo-sharing app. But over the years, it had lots and lots of updates, and each up-gradation is making it the best platform for marketing and business. Carousel post is one among the updated feature in recent times. Today Instagrammers and marketers are more interested in using the Carousel features to establish their products and services to the viewers. If you are an Instagrammer, you can opt to buy instagram impressions to increase your reach.

Let’s read this article to know how to create trending Carousel posts. Let’s begin! First, we have a brief introduction to the Carousel post.

What Are Instagram Carousel Posts?

Instagram Carousel posts are the most versatile and engaging format that helps you achieve your goals on Instagram. Multiple photos or videos can be viewed by swiping right or left in a carousel post. In addition, Instagram allows sharing ten images or videos under a single post. Similar to another Instagram post, you can tag people, include captions, etc., to your Carousel post. The video size for the Carousel post should be less than 4 GB, and the captions should be under 2200 characters. Many Instagrammers and marketers are still confused about where to start and how, to begin with, carousel posts? Don’t worry! Keep on reading the article for a better understanding!

How To Create Instagram Carousel Posts?

Simple steps to create Carousel posts are, 

  • Go to your Instagram app and tap on the + icon from the navigation bar. Tap the layered icon symbol at the bottom.  
  • Now, select the required photos (maximum of 10) in an order from your photo library. Tap ‘Next’ and apply filters if it is necessary. 
  • After editing, tap next and add captions, geo-tags, account tags, and hashtags. Now you can share and make it available for the viewers.

5 Interesting Ways To Create A Carousel Post

1. Photo Dumps

While posting photo dumps, you need not worry about the aesthetics of the pictures. You shall casually post any of your photographs without much care. For example, you can post random pictures that may not need to relate to each other. Brands shall also post the photos of their products or services on a random base. This idea is quite interesting as well as less time-consuming for Instagrammers. So it is gaining popularity in the Instagram world. 

2. Before And After Transformation

Before and after photos are the classics of social media posts. People experience a satisfaction feel on watching transformation posts. You can post any exciting thing like apartment makeover, skincare routine, craft project, weight loss pictures, etc. It is best to use the Carousel feature for before and after transformation as it has swiping options. If you confidently give your post, it is no doubt it builds inbound traffic. The Instagram algorithm recognizes you quickly and gets your post to reach newer audiences. 

3. Listicles

Listicles are an order of posts that fall under the same topic with continuation from the previous post. The listicle carousel posts can display quick tutorials, product reviews, customer testimonials, trend reports, and branded horoscopes. For example, brands can also post the photos of ‘directions to use’ of a particular product representing a single point in a single image. Moreover, you can have a topic like, ‘How to avoid common mistakes homebuyers make? and shall provide essential tips on the relevant subject. 

4. Highlight Custom Recommendations

You can post a group of products in a single photo as your first post. Then you can specialize or zoom each product in the swiping slides and describe their details. You can deliver important product information to your online community by tailoring the content. The viewers will also get to know about your products in detail. You can also recommend a particular product through Carousel posts. As Instagram shoppers rely on the quality of products, the brand has to post clear-angle images displaying minute details. It will create customer satisfaction and boost sales of your brand. In addition, to build your online community, you can opt to use EarnViews and get viral instantly. 

5. Product Promotion

You can introduce offers to your customer by Carousel post. Putting an offer or discount code drags customers to the final slide. In this post, you can add ‘learn more’ as CTA as the bottom line. The Carousel post encourages viewers to interact with your post. You can also create Instagram Carousel ads. It also drives engagement to your site. The Instagram algorithm works like it filters the most interested viewers of ads and offers and delivers the Carousel post to them. 


Carousel posts on Instagram provide great chances to connect with your community from a single post. In addition, brands can use Carousel posts to reveal their exclusive products. There are many ways to use them in your post, but there are a few rules to master. Since its launch, Carousel posts offer an excellent opportunity to boost visibility among the audience. It adds depth to your Instagram feed and provides flexible content for viewers without spamming. We hope this article wide opens your knowledge about the Instagram Carousel posts. Use the feature and grow your brand!    

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