Best Video Editing Apps For iPhone


Video allows us to be concise and captures our interest in the first few seconds. As we live in the 21st century, we all pass judgments and have our own opinions; videos give a competitive edge as communication becomes more comfortable and faster. Today we will discuss the five best video editing apps for iPhone, which will make your video editing experience even better.


To start with viva video, if you want to craft attractive videos without getting into the complexity of video editing, you should surely download viva videos without giving a second thought. What makes it attractive for newbies is the short tutorial for each feature. Besides, it also offers easy-to-use tools to customize audio tracks. As I prefer to have an intuitive timeline to edit clips with ease, viva video makes it happen for me, and that smoothen my daily work. The timeline tools consist of various features (text, music, stickers).

The multi music track feature allows you to add music of your own choice. For more dramatic effects, you can also mix pictures and videos so that your creativity can arrest attention right away. Overall, viva video plays a crucial role in making a video and can become a hit among the audience.

Download Viva Video from the App Store (Free, with in-app purchases)


Video craft is the complete package multi-tasking video editor and movie maker app. The app includes features like combining video clips and photos with songs, sound effects, voice recordings, images, and text. It is the fastest and easiest way to create awesome videos- automatically by just following the instructions. You can also add beautiful transitions and effects as you can sync everything to the beat of the music, you can turn your videos into mini-movies with the clipper.

This video editing app helps you to create an exciting video without doing any hard video stuff. This app has several more features that you will get to know after installing the app on your device.

Download Video Craft from the App Store (Free, with in-app purchases)


On a list of best iPhone editing apps, this app is the best of the best, and ironically, the product comes from none other than Google. This editing app is right at the top of the list due to its price tag. It’s a free app.

This is one of the best and fully-featured video editing apps that you can have on your i-phone. The great thing about snap speed is that it allows you to draw your stuff on the videos. You can also customize each and every part of the video that you want to. Also, this app brings you the facility of audio tracks that you want to add to your video. The video editing app brings lots of textures, effects, shadows, and borders. Hence, this is one of the best video editing apps one should surely go for.

Download Snap Speed from the App Store (Free, with in-app purchases)


Pic play post is one of the best and most used video editing apps available on the IOS app store. The great thing about the pic play post is its interface, which is pretty well organized. This video editing app for the iPhone offers you almost every feature that you will require for video editing. Not just that, but the video editor is also capable of slowing down or speeding up any video.

If you want to transform your videos into vintage files style or add vintage effects to your video, then this is the best video editing app, you should go for. Also, this app offers you different filters other than vintage. The paranoid effect is also available with varying effects of sound.

Download Pic Play Post from the App Store (Free, with in-app purchases)


MAGISTO  is one of the best video editor and movie maker application used by millions of users worldwide. This app comes with numerous effects. The most prominent feature of this app is that it transforms pictures into slideshows quickly. It enables the trim function. That is, you can trim your video if you want to do so. Also, it allows you to remove the watermark. In short, it modifies video as per your desire.

You can also add your recordings if you wish to do so. So, you must try this cool app in your IOS device and have fun editing your clips on your i-phone professionally.

Download MAGISTO Video Editor & Movie Maker (Free, with in-app purchases) So above is the list of five best video editing apps for iPhone users. With these apps, you will have the best video editing experience on your IOS device and edit your favourite clips according to your desire.