Is Your Accounting Software Fulfilling Your Hotel Specific Needs?


Nimble Property, created and conceived by Hospitality Industry experts provides authentic and tech-savvy accounting solutions for Hoteliers. 

Bringing the in-depth control and visibility into your operations, Nimble enables the most critical insights you’ll ever need as a hotelier with utmost speed, precision and accuracy. So, you’ll always stay on top of the information to drive business profitable manner. 

The strongest presence in the hospitality markets inspired Nimble to emerge and build hotel accounting software and bookkeeping solutions, tailored for hotel businesses. 

Considering the end-user inputs and expectations, Nimble Property is custom made to facilitate deep visibility and real time control on all business operations. 

Solutions are COUNTLESS in market, but only the BEST one stands out amongst

In the world of hotel business, there are multitude of accounting and bookkeeping solutions, but not all are tech savvy and make time, patient enough and sensible in understanding the intricacies involved in fulfilling hotel specific needs.

Nimble Features You Must Consider & Can’t Resist: 

  • Unmatched visibility into finances of your hotel chain
  • No Spreadsheet Program dependency
  • Assurance of Revenue Leakage arrest
  • Centralized dashboard, combined reports with drill down capability 
  • Automation of your business processes 
  • Prompt updates to save significant amount of time & money  
  • Convenient and easy-to-use UI requiring no accounting knowledge 
  • Better cash flow control with timely alerts & scheduled email reports 
  • Single entry screen for inter-property transactions 
  • Seamless user access control mechanism for secure collaboration  
  • Safe & secure cloud based software accessible anytime anywhere

Manage Your Vendors Like Never Before

Nimble lets you import and upload multiple vendor’s information to manage payables. Bill Import and Approval feature lets your managers enter bills seamlessly using single OCR scanner configuration. 

Later, your accountants or higher level management can approve the bills, depending upon the privileges assigned.

Corporation wise, the system will display all your pending bills automatically just within few clicks.

Handle your customers and invoice entries for streamlined receivables processing. 

Configure your daily sales directly into Nimble and track your room revenue, income, expenses and profits, later generate reports flawlessly.

Customize your daily sales report as per particular time period and even get a comparison with PTD, PTD Budget and YTD, YTD Budget.

Define roles, assign privileges and determine users level of access to let your staff & management (Owner, Manager, Accountant) view and perform their operations. 

All Your Business Health On Single Dashboard

You have all your business health on Nimble’s centralized dashboard, which brings in all key performance indicators altogether empowers you to take informed business decisions.

KPIs include that indicate most crucial status of your hotel finances, business performance metrics, banking activities, STR, GSS and operational efficiency.

It doesn’t stop just by displaying your widgets on the dashboard, but can actually allow you to drill down to the transaction level through the widgets. Customize every widget and view information as per the period range.

Have a clear analysis picture on your summarized Expense Analysis, Banking Summary, AP & AR Aging Info, Profit & Loss, Property Overview, STR and GSS, enabling access to inter-company all-inclusive combined widgets.

Get Bank Feeds With Auto Reconciliation In Nimble

Connect all your bank accounts in Nimble with auto matching and reconciliation feature, download the bank transactions automatically.

All your bank transactions are displayed in a grid view, letting you know the matched and unmatched status of transactions.

Intercompany Transfers Made Really Easy For You

This module helps you track funds transferred from one property to another or even payments made by one property on behalf of the other, also the books related to credit/debit entries.

Accurate Budgeting For Better Future Plans

Budgeting module in Nimble makes sure that you spend less than you do more otherwise, so you planning for both short and long term becomes flawless.

You’ll make conscious budgeting decisions and experience financial success. 

Configure & Import GSS Sheets Into Nimble For A Hawk-Eye View

Through the GSS module, your hotel team can easily upload the GSS sheets directly into Nimble and view all your hotel chain GSS Index and Guest Comments. 

Import STR & Benchmark Your Hotel Performance

Import the STR data into Nimble by downloading STAR report from your provider. It’s a vital revenue management tool that benchmarks your hotel performance against your competitive aggregate and local market as well. Track everything on daily, weekly and monthly data.

80+ Reports That Depict Your Financial Position

At Nimble, the financial reports and statements help you depict your hotel business’s financial condition and few key ones are Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Journal Report, General Ledger, Trial Balance, Audit Trail, Combined Daily Sales and Banking related. Besides, Nimble Property has a team of experienced bookkeeping professionals who help and support you during the process of migration, cleaning books, providing financial advice, handle budget & income sheet configuration, reconcile your bank accounts and much more.