Australia will end the PR by June 2021? How true is this?

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No way, the government is going to close, Australia PR by June in 2018. In fact, Australia is now, the right country for immigration because it needs well-endowed people to come here. The government however only wants talented people to land here. The government also has concerns to get more labor through immigration because the population getting older in this country. The population of Australia now consists of 1 out of every 7 people who is more than 65 in age. 45% of the population which is older in this country, consists of those whose age is between 65-74 which definitely cant be considered among the working population. 

There has so been so much progress which has happened in the field of Australia immigration. The country has progressed so much when it comes to immigration.

The country is now having lenient, rules when it’s concerning immigration. The country recognizes Bachelor degrees for the provision of points also. So, one can get up to 15 points for this, kind of education. The country also allows the same number of points for those having Master’s education from India for which the number of points is also 15.

The government is also recognizing the young age of a candidate for which 30 points are awarded provided the age of the candidates is between 25-32 years.

Why Australia needs immigration?

The country is making sure that immigration should get a boost in this country because; the population is now getting old. The country needs immigrants who are of the working age.

Every year, there are changes made, in the Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), for every province in July 2018. The candidate gets the right, to choose an occupation which makes him eligible, for immigration here in a province or territory.

There are 10 provinces in Australia, which are Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Western Australia. The candidates can choose any one of these regions, for immigration by selecting any one of the professions which have a dire requirement for labor.

When you immigrate under any one of these occupations-in demand lists, you will have sure-shot chances of getting a job. 

From time to time, the government also removes professions which are in short demand here to not so in demand. So, a candidate has to know when a profession requires some manpower urgently in some province or territory to become eligible for it.

For example, in 2017 only, the government here removed many occupations amounting to 200, from the MLTSSL. Apart from the provinces and territories choosing, candidates for the PR, the government also selects candidates based on occupations which have been indicated in MLTSSL as per the 189 visa. Also, 24 more occupations previously listed in STSOL are only relevant for the grant of the 489 visa.

As per the changes made in the occupation lists, now alterations are going to be implemented in them every 6 months. These changes will depend on the proof provided by the labor market of Australia.

The Employment Department of Australia will make sure that the changes in these lists are implemented after consulting with theDepartment Of Home Affairs.

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