6 Things you should know before buy home security camera!

Home security camera price in Kuwait

Installing a home security camera will remain an invaluable asset for your house that allows keeping your property and other things safe and secure. Installing the best one in and around you house will keep your mind relax and calm while you can still doing your work.

With the increase in the technology, the CCTV camera features also increases substantially over the past decade. With the overwhelming choice of CCTV camera in the market, choose the best among the best features, types and other things remain an intimidating task for most of us. Although every house is not same, the property that everyone owns deserves to be protected.

Home security camera price in Kuwait remains a great tool that helps to achieve a sense of security by keeping eyes on all your property at all times. Here in this article we discuss about the top features to be considered before buying the home security for your house.

  • Motion activation feature

Ensure that the camera you are buying for your house should start recording once it detects the motion and store the footage for the future reference. This event based recording might help you to safe guard your house during nights.

  • Resolution

The next best thing you need to select is the camera resolution. Remember it is waste of time and money when you get the camera without resolution. Most of the today’s camera contains full high definition video and this provides you with the sharper and clear images.

  • Check if the camera comes with SD card slot

With the advancement in the technology, the camera comes with the inbuilt systems themselves. They come with the micro SD card slots with different capacities and these can be upgradable based on the needs.

  • Easy installation and setup

Ensure that setting up the CCTV cameras can be installed easily and you don’t need any cables involved. Ensure you place them at the right position and mounting it in perfect place so that it gives the perfect view of your house from all the corners. If it has the good pan or tilting feature, you don’t require the accurate positioning of it.

  • Check if it is waterproof

We keep the camera outside of the house and it remains in all the seasons. For an outdoor camera, waterproofing is the must choice while selecting the camera. If you wanted to get the good security to your house, ensure to choose the camera that is waterproof.

  • Check the infra-red LEDs in the camera

We all aware of the fact that infra red lights are for the night vision and these will be located towards the sides of the camera. Higher the LED numbers better will be the resolution and quality of the recordings. CCTV installation in Kuwait has reached to a new heights where they provide free installation and setting up the camera features based on your requirements.


With the increase in the proliferation of the smart home technology, there is also an increase in the camera features. With the above tips, you can now choose the best CCTV camera for your house to keep it safe and secured.