5 Things You Need To Know About Tattoo Care


Congratulations! You’ve completed the task you’ve been wanting to do for such a long time now. Perhaps you decided to get a tattoo on a whim. Or perhaps you’re browsing through tattoo aftercare information for future reference. We’re here to tell you about your top five most important tips for maintaining a new tattoo, whatever the reason may be.

  1. No Soaking

Tattoos are permanent, so you’ll want to make sure you’re following good tattoo-healing-friendly habits throughout those weeks leading up to the tattoo being fully healed. We all know not to expose our tattoos to the sun, but few of us realize that we should avoid submerging them. Although salt water is frequently supposed to be effective in treating all types of wounds, it won’t help your tattoo. For the two weeks or so that it takes your tattoo to heal, you’re not allowed into any pools, jacuzzis, hot tubs, swimming holes, oceans, seas, rivers, or other similar locations.

  1. Make Sure To Pick A Fragrance Free Ointment

After the tattoo artist has applied the first bandage to your new tattoo, you must take care of it. For a few weeks, you’ll need to apply a minimal layer of ointment twice a day to the new tattoo to ensure that it heals properly.

When it comes to choosing the proper ointment, be sure to get one that is fragrance free. Rather than implying that the ointment has no scent, fragrance free simply refers to the absence of any additional scents. It’s best to avoid fragrances for a few weeks following the tattoo, because they might irritate it. Lotions and ointments are frequently infused with fragrances, which may be harmful to a fresh tattoo.

Our top pick for the best tattoo balm you must try is our Super Tattoo Balm because it is a simple mixture that delivers a wallop. When it comes to choosing a soap to clean your tattoo with, keep in mind that fragrance-free soaps are just as effective.

  1. Choose A Sunscreen Designed For Tattoos

Keeping your tattoo out of the sun is important for its healing. But which sunscreen should you use? A higher SPF (such as 50 or more) is a good choice, but they now produce sunscreen specifically designed for tattoos! Coppertone actually offers a line of “Tattoo Guard” sunscreen in stick and lotion form.

  1. Beware Gym Equipment

When you add a new tattoo, there’s no need to stop working out. However, depending on the location of your tattoo, you’ll want to be cautious about using gym equipment while it heals. Despite the most diligent efforts of a gym, the equipment may get somewhat dirty. Who knows how many people use the machines, and who knows how many individuals wipe it down after they are finished? It’s critical to clean the equipment both before and after use to keep your tattoo safe and clean. After a workout, wash the tattoo with soap and water to keep it fresh.

  1. Keep Applying Ointment After The Tattoo Is Healed

Your tattoo is made up of pigment beneath the surface of your skin. To keep your tattoo looking lovely and new, you must take care of your skin. This is why we propose continuing to use your favorite ointment (such as Bag Balm Hand & Body Skin Moisturizer) on the region to maintain smooth, joyful skin.