10 Trendy Apparel Products That You Can Use as a Gift


Apparel businesses are trending everywhere in the world. These businesses offer several products to their customers. Apparel brands focus on the quality and aesthetic appeal of the product so the customers can get the best of the best goods from them. Just keep in mind that these gifts are packed in appealing retail box packaging. So, you can give it to the recipient without any extra packaging.

You can use these goods as a gift for the upcoming festival or event. You can buy these products from renowned brands like Marks & Spencer, Ralph Lauren, etc.

Check out the trending products that you can use as a gift:

1) Leather Wallet

Everyone likes to carry their money and cards with them in an easy way, so they need this product more than anything. Leather wallets look stylish and classy as well as provide the ease of carrying money and cards. Wallet brands like Marks & Spencer, Soho Square, etc., offer a number of top-notch leather wallet products for customers to choose from.

There are several types of wallets available in the market. You should choose the one which suits your personality the most. Some of them are bi-fold, tri-fold, zip etc., depending on your choice, you can buy a wallet that will fit into your personality.

The lady’s bag is another essential accessory that you can gift your mother-in-law or sister this Christmas. You can opt for high-quality leather bags that are durable and attractive at low prices. Give an expensive feel to the wallet by adding some cash inside. Firstly, do some homework and search for the trendy bags and then make your selection.

2) Branded Sunglasses

Sunglasses make a great gift because you can use them on a daily basis. Every day we see people wearing sunglasses, but few of us know that what kind of sunglasses they are wearing. Brands like Ralph Lauren, Arnette, Tom Ford, etc., provide branded sunglass products to their customers with an affordable price range. So why don’t you consider buying these trendy products as a gift?

If you know the recipient’s preferences, you can select any of their preferred brands to make them happier. Sunglasses add a touch of style and class to your personality.

3) Laptop Backpack/Bag

Every student wants to buy a branded laptop backpack/bag to carry their laptops safely. Popular brands like Vans, School Bag Company, etc., provide durable and trendy laptop backpacks for students that are available in different colors and designs.

Although there are numerous bag options but choose a branded laptop backpack that is lightweight, stylish, and has comfortable shoulder straps.

4) Watch

Every man always looks for an appropriate watch that suits his dress code no matter what time of the day it is. Brands like Kenneth Cole, Casio, Citizen, Fossil Watches offer top-notch watches with affordable price ranges. You can gift your boyfriend or dad special watches this holiday season by choosing from these brands.

5) Backpack

Businessmen don’t have time to do the shopping because they are busy running business meetings all day long. This Christmas, you can surprise them by gifting an attractive-looking backpack made of leather. You can find durable, trendy, large-capacity backpacks for your dad at reasonable prices in the market.

These backpacks are very helpful if the receiving person is a traveler. You can choose either a backpack with wheels or a regular one, depending on your preferences.

6) T-Shirts

Wearing t-shirts that look great will make your men happy. You can buy fashionable T-Shirts for him at affordable prices by choosing the right brands. If you want to look stylish yourself, then you can also go shopping with him and help him pick out his favorite t-shirt designs.

You can get custom printed t-shirts for your lover’s birthday. A new T-Shirt with his favorite quote will make him feel special on his big day. You can get them printed in different colors or shades of gray, black, etc. According to the choice of your brother or boyfriend, you can select appropriate t-shirts for gifting purposes.

7) Cologne

Cologne is a man’s best friend as it adds a bit of charm to their personality. Before purchasing colognes from the market, choose the ones that have been mixed with natural ingredients as they smell fresh all day long rather than those which contain chemicals that fade away after two hours of application. So surprise your boyfriend or dad with a bottle of quality cologne this Christmas!

8) Dress Shirt

Dress shirts are a must-have for any man, and you can use them as a Christmas gift for your boyfriend or dad. This is an ideal clothing product because guys do not like shopping and hardly spend time picking out the perfect dress shirt designs that they need. It also makes them look very sophisticated!

The recipient can use these shirts in the office or on special occasions, just like how you are planning to gift them this Christmas. They come in different sizes and colors, so be sure to get the right fit for your male friend!

9) Jackets

A jacket can be use as a Christmas present this year to cheer up your beloved one who loves wearing jackets all the time during the winter season. A good quality jacket can last long and can be worn multiple times according to his convenience. So, go ahead and pick out the best men’s leather jacket, which he will love wearing even in summer months too!

10) Ties

The biggest dilemma that every man faces while dressing up is what tie to wear on which occasion. Whether it’s a casual meeting at the office or a party, the selection of the tie should match with the color and fabric of his shirt and trousers too. So why not help him this Christmas by buying an expensive tie that he will fall in love with? You can also get personalized ties done for your beloved ones so that, unlike other ties, theirs stand out from the crowd!

Moreover, always make sure that the tie brand is using printed packaging solutions. It gives a brand look to your products and makes a good impression on him.


To conclude, it is easy to find men’s apparel products year-round, but during Christmas time, it becomes a bit difficult for a woman to get their hands on the perfect apparel gift. But, thanks to this list! You will have an easy time finding men’s clothing gifts which you can buy and win your man’s heart this Christmas.