Why Kissanime Down? Explained 2021


Why Kissanime Down?

A few days ago, on August 15, KissManga, one of the most popular Anime streaming sites in the world, was finally closed down. Over the weekend, Kissman announced in a post by a moderator about an unofficial dispute that his sister site would be closed again, this time for the better. 

Rumors of the official closure of the streaming site have been circulating for some time, words of its closure were already around last year. On the same day, the Kiss Anime support team took to their subreddit to announce that the streaming site has been officially taken over and will be closed, even though it has been active for over a year and a half since its inception in July 2014.  

AniRadioPlus Reports

Now AniRadioPlus reports that KissManga, one of the most popular Anime and manga streaming platforms in the world, has been closed down. On August 14 at 10 pm copyright claims took over the loophole streaming site KisAnime and Kiss Manga. 

The rights holder has reportedly taken control of both the streaming platform and its content, releasing fans into the wild on social media.  

Although the history of the piracy site is vague, ICANN Lookup states that KissManga was launched in 2011 and KissAnime in 2012, and both were established in 2012. Nowadays, it’s all about cushion anime, that the site is shut down and permanently closed down at any time on the internet. 

The Kissanime site has become unstable in the last few years and its servers have crashed a few times. In fact, it became unstable a few months ago, which led to its server going down and up again on August 14 at 10 pm, according to AniRadioPlus] 

It is not necessary to log in to the Kiss Anime website and create an account, but fans can still view and download their Anime for free. Now you have access to one of the best websites through KissAnime alternatives, and you get better results. 

You don’t have to deprive yourself of your favorite source of entertainment and stop fans from continuing to watch and download your Anime as long as you have signed up to the Kissanime website. If Kiss Anime is shut down again, you can behave, because now you only have one good website to choose from. 


You can access your entire anime collection through AnimeLab, a legal anime streaming site, without purchasing a premium membership. You can watch your favorite Anime on mobile phones, desktop and free of charge on KissAnime, in 480p High Quality (HD) or HD (1080p HD). 

All anime shows are completely free to watch, but unlike some of the “legal” anime sites, which also have premium subscriptions, some ads are supported. 


Crunchyroll is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to the KissAnime website and has everything you need to make your leisure time worthwhile. If you want to watch anime content online, you can buy subscriptions to sites like Crunchy Rollers and Funimation. 

 It allows users to stream their beloved anime series and movies without paying for them and without logging in. It also allows you to install Anime on other websites such as Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and many others. 

This website is not very similar to KissAnime, but contains a comprehensive anime info bank. You can also download Anime from Anime Torrent websites, even if it is not protected by copyright. 

Alternative to watching Anime online

If you are looking for an alternative to watching Anime online but are unable to watch it offline, then this is the place to be. It frees you from downloading anime series and episodes, and you can even watch Anime offline without needing a cable or Internet connection or even a computer. 

It is entirely free, making it one of the most visited streaming websites in the world, and the only one where you can forget the cost of a cable connection or even a computer. AnimeXD is a free streaming service for Anime, manga and video games, where you can access the latest and best episodes of each anime series. 

It has become the preferred site for manga readers and anime viewers who are not only interested in cushion anime. Compared to other anime websites, Kissanime has the ability to upload an extensive collection of Anime, manga, video games and video game content. Likewise, Animedao is a free streaming site where you can watch finished and in-progress anime shows. 

This site lives up to its name and brings you English-dubbed anime movies and shows to enjoy on your PC or mobile device. The Kissanime site offers an extensive collection of English dubbing and sub-versions of Anime, manga, video games and video game content. 

If you live up to the title of the page, you will get an English-language anime movie and a series that can be seen on both the PC and mobile devices. Lives up to its name, this page brings you the English dubbing anime and movie that shows you a free streaming version of Anime.