Your guide for finding a family attorney in Wisconsin

Your guide for finding a family attorney in Wisconsin

You may need a family lawyer in numerous circumstances. As the name suggests, a family lawyer specializes in family law. From divorce and child custody, to inheritance and alimony, an attorney can help in many situations. Wisconsin is a no-fault divorce state. You can get a divorce after 120 days from the date of filing.

Even with simplified laws, it can be hard to get ahead with the legal process. If you are looking for a Wisconsin family attorney near me, we have a guide below for your help.

Make a shortlist

A quick Google search can help you find law firms that specialize in family law in your area. You can also check websites like Nolo and Justia. Alternatively, you can talk to people who recently got divorced for references. Make a list of at least four to five attorneys.

Request an appointment

Finding the right lawyer can take time, and one of the first steps is to request an appointment with potential law firms. Many family lawyers are quick to respond, and for the first consultation, you may not have to pay a fee. Low-cost consultations are offered by even the top firms.

Gather the necessary documents

Before you step into the lawyer’s office, gather all the documents you may need. From income tax details, assets, and bank statements to inheritance and other papers, get everything in a file. If yours is a contested divorce for which you have evidence, you should consider bringing those to discuss further with your lawyer.

Ask the right questions

As a client, you should interview an attorney diligently. Make a list of questions that concerns the lawyer’s experience and your case. Include queries like –

  1. How long have you been practicing family law in Wisconsin?
  2. What experience do you have in similar legal matters?
  3. Can you share a few references?
  4. How do you charge for your work?
  5. Will you work on the case, or a junior associate would be assigned?

The cost of hiring a family lawyer depends on the nature & complications of your case. Most law firms in the state take an hourly rate. Some lawyers may also work on a flat fee if the matter is fairly simple and only involves basic legal work. Clients need to be extremely forthcoming with their concerns and requests so as to set realistic expectations. A good lawyer will also explain your rights, interests, and legal options.