Why You Should Never Refuse Medical Treatment After A Car Accident in Pompano Beach


It might seem a little odd to think about, but it is not uncommon for people to refuse to seek medical treatment after experiencing a car accident. Some people do not want to be examined in a hospital after going through the sudden trauma of a car crash, especially if they do not have any apparent injuries. Unfortunately, they do not realize that refusing medical treatment after experiencing a car accident can considerably damage their car accident claim.

Did you know that refusing treatment can harm your chances of being fairly compensated for the damages you suffered? Nobody wants doctors poking and prodding if it is not necessary. Letting healthcare providers examine you can help you get treatment for injuries that might not be apparent. Additionally, it can provide you with crucial pieces of evidence that your lawyer can use to help you build a strong claim when seeking compensation for the damages you suffered.

Today’s post will discuss why you should never refuse medical treatment after a car accident so you have a better idea of how to proceed when working with Pompano Beach car accident lawyers to seek reparations for the financial losses you suffered in the accident.

Why Would Anyone Refuse Medical Treatment?

In most cases, when people refuse to get medical treatment after an accident, is because they feel that they suffered only minor injuries or that their injuries are insignificant. Some people also refuse to go to a doctor because they are afraid of going to hospitals. People also refuse to seek care because they do not want to contend with the expensive medical bills they might have to pay for the hospital visit.

Unfortunately, many such cases without apparent injuries can turn out to be more dangerous. Some internal injuries do not show any symptoms immediately after an accident but can develop into something much worse if left untreated. Many people do not experience the symptoms right away because of the shock after an accident.

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It is always in your best interest to get a complete examination done after experiencing an accident. Some injuries like concussions and other internal injuries can be detected and treated if you seek immediate care. Failing to detect and treat these internal injuries can result in substantial long-term damage.

Nobody likes going to the hospital if they can avoid it. However, it is always recommended to go to one after an accident, regardless of how insignificant your injuries might seem.

What Would Happen if I Refuse Treatment After my Accident?

Refusing to get medical treatment after an accident can result in your injuries becoming worse. From a legal perspective, refusing treatment after an accident means putting the outcome of your car accident case at risk. Without seeking treatment for your injuries, you will not have any medical records to back your claim. Medical reports are critical pieces of evidence in personal injury claims and when filing a claim with your insurance company. The evidence can make a world of difference in your pursuit of compensation for the injuries you suffered.

If your accident was caused primarily due to the other driver, you can have a chance to file a lawsuit against them to seek compensation. However, you will need to prove that the other driver was at fault for causing the accident and that the injuries you suffered resulted from the crash they caused. Being able to prove their liability and linking your injuries to the accident can make a significant difference in the amount you can win in your lawsuit.

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Why You Need a Record of Your Injuries for a Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury is a term that refers to injuries an individual suffers due to the negligence of another individual. Florida residents can file personal injury lawsuits in car accident cases against the other driver if it resulted in substantial financial damage and caused severe injuries.

Suppose that your case qualified to be taken out of the no-fault system in Florida, and you file a claim against the other driver. If the other party does not offer you fair compensation, you might have to fight your case in court to seek reparations. Your lawyer will present evidence to the jury during the trial. If you decided not to seek medical treatment after the accident, it could harm the legitimacy of your claim against the other driver.

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Additionally, the medical bills you had to pay due to the accident are crucial in determining the value of the economic damage you can claim. Medical records can also help you build a strong case to claim non-economic damages like pain and suffering in the case. Without anything to show for all the financial damage and trauma you suffered, you could risk being deprived of receiving fair compensation. Even if you end up winning the case due to overwhelming evidence proving the other driver’s fault, you might be rewarded far less than what you might get if you have medical records.

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Hire an Attorney to Help You Seek Compensation

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your car accident, you might have a strong chance of seeking financial compensation to cover the damages you suffered in the car accident. Whether through filing a claim with your insurance company or filing a third-party lawsuit against the at-fault driver, you will need to make a strong claim to increase your chances of getting full and fair compensation.

Having evidence to back up your claim is critical to winning a compensatory reward. Not having medical records proving the extent of your injuries can significantly damage your claim. Without proper medical records, the insurance adjuster or the at-fault party’s legal team can have the grounds to reduce the severity of your claim. You might end up getting far less than what you deserve or being outright denied for your claim.

Regardless of the legal avenues that you decide to take to seek compensation, medical records proving the extent of your injuries will be critical. If you get injured, the first thing you should do is get thoroughly examined by health care providers and seek any necessary treatments for injuries you have suffered. You should also get in touch with experienced car accident lawyers who can guide you through the process of filing a claim and seeking reparations for the damages you incurred.

Consider contacting a personal injury lawyer if you have experienced a car accident. Their team of experienced Pompano Beach car accident lawyers can guide you through the process of collecting the evidence necessary to file a strong claim and maximize your chances of being fairly compensated for the injuries you have suffered.

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