Why Moissanite Rings Are Critical for Your Business

Moissanite Rings

Moissanite, or gem-quality silicon carbide, is an alternative to diamonds. It’s a more sustainable option than mined diamonds and is available in a wide array of sizes, shapes, and carat weights. 

Because moissanite is a lab-created gemstone, it’s more affordable than diamonds of similar size and shape. It also boasts a higher brilliance refractive index, reflecting more light than diamonds. 

It’s Sustainable 

There has been a resurgence of jewelry shops that are ethically sourced, using 3 stone moissanite rings, reclaimed metal, and Fairmined gold. These companies believe the best way to make a good statement is to use existing materials and support local artisans. 

This ethos has also spread into the engagement ring market, where various sustainable options are available to consumers. Some even include local materials in their pieces to reduce their carbon footprint and stimulate their local economy, says Clark. 

For example, Bario Neal uses traceable gems and reclaimed metal to produce beautiful heirloom-quality rings in a way that is both environmentally and socially responsible. In addition, the company works with small-scale miners to protect workers from abusive conditions and help to reduce the diamond industry’s negative environmental impacts. 

Lab-grown diamonds are also a great option, as they’re chemically and optically identical to mined diamonds without environmental and monetary costs. As a result, they are often viewed as a more ethical choice for those seeking to purchase a sustainable gemstone. 

It’s Affordable 

Moissanite rings are an affordable alternative to diamond engagement rings for brides and grooms on a budget. They are created in a lab, eliminating the cost of digging and shipping a mined stone. 

In addition to being more affordable, moissanite is less environmentally harmful than diamonds. Unlike diamonds, moissanite does not require mining, which means it has a shallow carbon footprint and doesn’t contribute to ecological destruction. 

Moissanite is also ethically sourced. However, mining diamonds often leads to suffering and conflict, especially in war-torn regions worldwide. 

Moreover, the cost of creating a moissanite gem is much lower than that of a diamond, so you’ll save significant money on your ring. 

Lastly, you’ll find that moisturesanite has twice the dispersion value of a diamond, which means it can display rainbow-like flashes when you spin the stone. This is not something to miss, as it makes your ring sparkle as you’ve always wanted it to! 

It’s Exquisite 

IMoissanite rings are a great choice if you’re looking for a ring that sparkles just like a diamond but without the cost; they are more brilliant than diamonds and require less frequent cleaning due to their superior hardness ratings. 

Moissanite is a rare gem initially discovered in a meteorite and is now grown in laboratories. It’s an attractive and sustainable alternative to diamonds and can even be passed down as a family heirloom. 

Moissanite is also more durable than a diamond wand. It stands for scratches and abrasions much better. Because of this, it’s ideal for engagement rings and other jewelry you wear every day. 

The GIA calls moissanite the “closest diamond imitation.” It’s also near-colorless and has a refractive index similar to a diamond. 

While other stones can create engagement rings, moissanite is the most popular because of its brilliance and radiance. It’s doubly refractive, so it throws a rainbow-like reflection when exposed to light. This dazzling property is known as gem fire and can be seen in faceted and polished gems. 

It’s Versatile 

While diamonds have been the go-to gemstone for engagement rings for decades, many other gemstone alternatives out there have several benefits worth considering. One of these gemstones is moissanite, w synthetic stone with various unique characteristics that can make it a desirable option for your ring or other jewelry. 

Moissanite rings are an excellent choice for women because they are available in various shapes and sizes. This allows you to choose a ring suited to your taste and style. 

Another benefit of choosing a ring made with moissanite is its durability. The gemstone is second on the Mohs hardness scale, scoring 9.25 out of 10. This means that the rock is incredibly resistant to wear and tear. 

Moissanite does not tarnish quickly over time, unlike other synthetic gemstones, such as cubic zirconia (CZ). It can stay as beautiful as the day you bought it for years. This makes it an excellent option for couples on a budget looking for a gemstone that will last. 

It’s Easy to Maintain 

Moissanite rings are easier to maintain than diamonds because they are not as susceptible to scratching and scuffing. This makes them a perfect alternative for those who want to keep their rings looking pristine for a long time. 

The best way to keep your moissanite ring sparkling is to clean it regularly. However, it is essential to avoid harsh chemicals damaging the stone. Instead, try cleaning it with a few simple ingredients you probably have. 

For example, baking soda and vinegar can help dislodge stubborn dirt and grime from your moissanite ring. Mix these ingredients in a small bowl and then use them to scrub your ring. 

Another easy way to keep your moissanite a shining star is to remove it before swimming or to exercise at a gym. This helps prevent stains from chlorine or saltwater, which can harm your ring. 

Because moissanite is lab-grown, it is much more durable than traditional diamonds. According to the American Gem Society, it can withstand ten times more wear and tear than diamonds.