Why Does Your Phone Gets Too Hot? Read 5 Common Reasons By Experts


Do you use your phone frequently or for excessive amounts of time? 

If yes, you must leave this habit. You can understand this phenomenon as we humans get exhausted while doing continuous work, so this is our machine that also needs some rest. Also, how can we expect our devices to bear some unusual activities if we can’t digest unhealthy food? 

If you use your mobile phone after every hour, or you have a habit of playing video games that demand a considerable amount of space, you must avoid such activities. The experts at the mobile phone repair shop in Scarborough always recommend their customers take care of their device because once they lose it, they have to spend a good amount of money on repair or replacement.  

5 Common Reasons Why Your Mobile Phone is Overheating

This section will cover the most crucial topic of why your phone becomes too hot and how you can cool down your phone by applying some critical methods suggested by Mobile Defender experts. So, let’s get started. 

Too much Mobile Phone Usage Can Cause it to Overheat.

You can’t deny the physics law, and it is a fact your smartphones can experience overheating when you overuse them. Also, playing heavy games and using your phone at high brightness can cause overheating. Furthermore, the experts at the mobile repair Scarborough reveal that using your phone for an extended period can overheat your phone. Many people habitually use their cameras at 4k to 8k hefty resolution power. Besides, making a video from your smartphone for over 10 minutes can also overheat your device. Therefore, you must habitually release extra memory from your phone and try to capture pictures and videos in less than 10 minutes. This way, you can avoid overheating cases frequently. 

Malware and Software Update

Do you need to update your mobile phone’s software? You must do it now because it starts overheating if you don’t update your phone’s software. Also, the old software starts to create bugs and errors with time. If you are an Apple user, you must know about the new launch by Apple for their iOS software to remove all the bugs which cause overheating. However, many bugs cause heat consumption, some consume memory, and others consume battery. The mobile phone repair shop in Scarborough suggests their customers update the software often to save their device from overheating and other damages.  

Faulty Charger, Battery, or Cable

Many people use faulty chargers, batterie, and charging cables which need to be corrected for their devices. It would help if you used the charger according to the brand or model of your device. Also, avoid it while purchasing incompatible chargers with your phone because these are the significant reasons for overheating your mobile phones. Also, you can ask phone repair store experts which type of charger you should use when you don’t find compatible chargers. 

Blocked Ventilation

If you open your smartphone and its ports, it can pass a significant amount of ventilation which cools down your device. Also, you must ensure that vents are not blocked because sometimes ventilation can easily block when you keep your phone in your car or your pocket for a more extended period. Besides, using your phone under extreme sunlight can cause blocked ventilation. Blocked vents’ main disadvantage is that they melt the other mobile phone components. There are some possibilities that you are using a low-quality phone cover that blocks air for proper ventilation. 

Older Hardware can Cause Overheating.

In the age of mobile phones, thermal paste waste wears off, which makes the processor more susceptible to overheating. Therefore, you can take care of your mobile phone’s Hardware if you turn off a few essential features when you are not using your phone. For instance, turn off your WIFI and Bluetooth connection or decrease your phone’s brightness. The experts at the phone repair store suggest their customers get some breaks while using their mobile phones

Wrapping It Up

Undoubtedly, smartphones are the most valuable and important investments for you, right? Also, technology deserves good treatment from the user, meaning you have to take care of your device and prevent it from falling or scratching. Besides, overheating is the foremost vital issue you can’t ignore at any cost. If your phone gets too hot, it can cause an explosion or any other damage occurs in your device. In such cases, you can get help from a mobile phone repair shop in Scarborough

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