Why Dedicated Server Calgary is Best For Audio or Video File

dedicated server Calgary


Dedicated servers are the private servers owned by an organization to serve for multiple online services like website hosting. The websites that contain more resources and have huge network traffics require a dedicated server to be hosted. 

The website that contains audio or video files uses more network resources like RAM, disk storage, and high bandwidth speed of the server to become accessible at faster rates. 

With the shared servers where you are having limited resources, it is difficult to host such websites at better loading rates. Hence a dedicated server is the best option for hosting such websites.  

Nowadays, it is very common that websites have audio and video resources, to share the information in a more interactive way. It makes dedicated servers necessary to host such heavily resourced websites with greater ease. 

Setting up a web hosting plan with a dedicated server in Calgary, Virginia, that is none other than heaven for the tech entrepreneurs, is definitely going to be very beneficial for you. As the most luxurious city in the US, Calgary is also known for its business-friendly environment. Hence ready for Calgary to cover the world’s wealthiest market by your web hosting services of dedicated server Calgary that everyone admires.

Differences Between Streaming Content and Downloading Content

Dedicated server Calgary

The streaming and downloading content are two different ways by which particular information can be experienced by the user from the websites. The streaming content is the one that allows you to experience the audiovisual content while on the website only directly from the host server.

The online videos we often watch are content of this type only. Since it is important for the host server to transmit the data continuously over the connected networks so that a file can be streamed properly either we will see the buffering. 

Hence dedicated server Calgary is now becoming important to host such websites that have much streaming content. This server has to handle huge traffics to make continuous data sharing with all of the visitors. 

Therefore we say dedicated server Calgary is made to handle high resourced websites. It is nearly impossible to maintain such speed consistent with the limited bandwidth of shared servers. 

Downloading is the copying of the entire content that a website allows directly saved to our computer system and you are just able to play them after downloading has finished. 

Streaming services are possible just because of having a powerful dedicated server in Calgary, offering a faster experience to watch heavy content such as video, audio files online. 

Downloading is a good way to store important information to our system but on the vast online network, everything is not capable of downloading and hence should be experienced online only. 

Downloading reduces the storage capacity of the system, hence it is better than hosting servers to store these files to stream to us whenever we want. 

What is the meaning of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated server Calgary

A Calgary dedicated server hosting means to serve the hosting services with the help of servers that are just dedicated to your purpose only. To enjoy this facility one must buy the entire server resource. The dedicated server Calgary is entirely dedicated to your work only or you are the owner of the complete server system. 

Dedicated servers are the private servers owned by individuals or a specific institution. These are the web hosting service plans of the unshared network category. While normal public servers, VPS hosting and cloud hostings are of shared types, dedicated servers are completely unshared and owned by you. 

A dedicated server Calgary offers you the great advantage of multiple aspects, the RAM, disk storage capacity, performance, bandwidth, high processing CPUs, advanced security, etc. 

The streaming content is easy to access on websites hosted by your own servers, that is fully customizable by you. The high performance dedicated servers are just made to serve such heavy tasks with reliability and consistency. 

Streaming is the continuous data sharing from the host servers, hence host servers like dedicated one, should be capable of providing consistent services with performance to the user, without much lagging and make the streaming facility successful.  

4 Essential Features to Look for in Streaming Content

The streaming content requires a fast and high-performance host server to be accessible for the users. 

The following features of the host servers are necessary for accessing a website that contains streaming content. 

  • Bandwidth – The high bandwidth is the must factor for a host server for accessing such heavily resourced sites that contain streaming content. The dedicated server Calgary offers the great bandwidth range of the network that determines the speed of data sharing. For a heavily resourced website to be accessed at fast rates, it requires a high bandwidth range and top-line speed. The bandwidth of the dedicated servers usually allotted in the terabytes(TB) and is the one specification that needs to be considered while selecting a specific plan. 
  • Data Storage – A visitor on the site access the streaming content that is stored on the host servers. This storage capacity is determined by the disk storage of the dedicated server. The amount of space that a disk or server offers, will let you publish streaming content on the websites. The data storage facility comes in two types of technology namely Hard disk drives HDDs and Solid State Disks SSDs, both have their own merits and demerits.  

With the storage option of SSDs, one can enjoy the faster speeds of processing data in it. Hence enhance your Calgary dedicated server performance. While the HDDs are meant to offer you huge space, in case the speed is not but storage is a considerable factor. 

  • Server Control – Consistent online services by hosting a website means managing the various factors in accordance with the priority of the services. 

Consider the example of a taxi that you have hired. While driving if you do not like the song that the driver adjusted, then at most you can ask him to change, in case the driver doesn’t agree you have to listen to it or either leave the taxi in between. 

In the case of VPS hostings, you may sometimes be bound to follow the provider’s settings. You are allotted a virtual private space on the shared network. With having a certain degree of freedom, you still depend upon the provider for various factors. 

Hence to manage the resources websites it is necessary to take the entire server that gives you complete sovereignty over the network system, so in case your site agrees with existing settings, you can change as per its requirements. 

  • Server Security – It is a great advantage in the case of unshared servers, that you don’t need to worry about the security of the server system. However, you just customize security settings initially but can trust the security features on dedicated servers. 

The dedicated server Calgary works in isolated settings from any other network. It has an environment to support even the latest and advanced security software and programs. You also don’t need to worry about the regular security updates, since it is automatically managed by the server system only. 

The VPS and cloud hosting services are also equipped with advanced security features and it is not easy for a hacker or malware to get a crack in their security, but however, they work in a shared environment the security is not guaranteed much. The recent cyberattacks on shared networks proved it correct. 


Nowadays due to trending streaming contents on the websites made the world admire them. Everyone is engaged with some and another streaming platform and the olden days of downloading has gone and seems to be a century older. 

The streaming contents are possible just because of the high performance of the cheap dedicated server Calgary. Hosting streaming content is nearly impossible with limited network resources and storage. 

Hence dedicated server Calgary is now becoming an essential part of institutions or web hosting service providers to opt, in order to host services with more streaming content accessible that interacts with the visitor in a more interesting way rather than reading the paragraphs.