Which is the best choice in winter – Jacket vs. Coat?


Can an insulated woman’s winter coat be replaced with a down jacket? What’s inside that makes it a warm jacket?
When updating a winter wardrobe, every time we ask ourselves this question: “what to buy – a jacket or a coat?” This question can be solved purely theoretically only: we buy both, without denying ourselves the pleasure of dressing stylishly, in various ways.

Trade-offs to make for fashion
Surely many will be delighted to learn that an exciting compromise solution can be found between the two extremes. Elegant modern jackets are as good as expensive coats. The most lightweight everyday cropped one is only a coat, for example, they are as comfortable and practical as jackets. Some items may be longer than a jacket.  Afterall, a jacket goes to the abdomen and a coat goes down to your thighs.

Let’s note one of the exciting trends – oversize jackets and coats. Looks beautiful with a tight-fitting bottom: a pencil skirt, jeans, jeggings, tight pants. Although the jacket has long held a firm place in our winter wardrobe, there are times when you need to go out elegantly and get a warm coat for women.

How to choose what is right for you?

There are general guidelines for choosing jackets and coats:

1.    Quality: Pay attention to the material and filler. Clothing should be weatherproof – moisture resistant and warm. Natural materials warm well as well as modern synthetic fillers.
2.    Patience: Better to spend a little more time looking for the option that suits you. After all, as a rule, winter clothes are not chosen for one season or a year. It usually costs a lot.
3.    Figure: The style is chosen considering the individual characteristics of the figure: height, proportions, type. Having decided in advance on suitable models of outerwear, you can save enough time by immediately filtering out what you don’t like.
4.    convenience: Pay attention to fasteners, pockets, and other little things on which outerwear’s practicality and functionality depend.

Can an insulated coat replace a down jacket or parka?
The most versatile and comfortable clothing is women’s winter parka. This is a warmed coat made of a jacket or raincoat fabric, usually with a hood. The coat parka is lightweight and also protects well from the wind. Don’t be afraid of moisture and dirt; it practically does not deform and is easier to care for than a classic coat or fur winter coat. It is also easy to combine it with almost any clothing – even with a formal suit or with an evening dress.

A quality winter coat can be an excellent alternative to both down jackets and winter parkas. Those days are gone when winter coats were heavy and bulky, like sheepskin coats and fur coats. Modern insulation allows you to make a warm winter coat, which will be beautiful and light at the same time. For my taste, it outperforms the traditional fur coat for financial, practical, and ethical reasons, not to mention that it looks more modern. Yes, coats are heavier than parkas, as they are more expensive and not typically washable in a washing machine whereas women’s parka coats are the trendiest choice.

It is important to avoid low-quality products. They will not provide comfort, aesthetics, and warmth. If you want to buy a cheap down jacket and a coat, it is better to get a more expensive one.

Where to buy a coat?
Get the best women’s winter coats for extreme cold at Women’s Winter Coats. Women’s winter coats & jackets are both excellent choices, but the most sophisticated are the warmest winter coats that show style.  We use natural viscose lining in our coats because the body breathes constantly and static in winter is simply spilled in the air.

We have collected different styles and designs of women’s winter coat collections – from very light to the most insulated. For classic coats, we use natural fiber fabrics as the primary material. They are more expensive than synthetic and blended ones, but their advantages, such as beauty, warmth, tactile properties, and ability to recover, are undeniable. Take your pick today, while visiting our store.