Where is Jeffrey Dahmer’s Mother, Joyce Dahmer?

Joyce Dahmer

For most people, Jeffrey Dahmer is known as the Milwaukee serial killer who was convicted of killing 17 men and boys. Many people are also aware that Dahmer was sentenced to life in prison, with no chance of parole. However, few people know about his mother—Joyce Dahmer.

Dahmer’s mother is currently living under a new identity and has been for over 25 years.

She has never spoken about her son or his crimes publicly and has even done everything she can to distance herself from him. In this article, we will explore what happened to Joyce Dahmer after her son was arrested and ask the question: where is she now?

Background Information on Jeffrey Dahmer

Joyce Dahmer was born on December 5, 1945, in Cleveland, Ohio to parents Jesse and Betty Dahmer. Joyce had two older sisters, Pat and Sandra.

Joyce and her sisters were raised Catholic. Jesse and Betty divorced when Joyce was just a teenager and she moved with her mother to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she met Jeffrey Dahmer. Jeffery Dahmer was 17 years old when he met Joyce and they started dating.

The couple married on February 14, 1967, in Milwaukee. The wedding was performed by Jeraldine McCrary at the Holy Family Church.

The Dahmers had two children together: David Kielbasa (b. 1970) and Christopher (b. 1977). Sadly, the marriage ended in divorce after just eight years due to Jeffery’s addiction to pornography and violence toward Joyce.

Following their divorce, Jeffery moved back to Ohio with his son David while Joyce stayed in Milwaukee with their daughter Christopher…

Joyce Dahmer’s whereabouts after Jeffrey’s arrest in 1978

Joyce Dahmer was arrested with her son Jeffrey Dahmer in 1978 after police found the bodies of 17-year-old Steven Hicks and 16-year-old Christopher Scarver in her home.

Joyce Dahmer was charged with two counts of first-degree murder but later acquitted. She has not been seen since her arrest, and it is unknown where she is currently living or if she is still alive.

It is possible that she may have relocated to a different part of the United States, or maybe even gone into hiding.

There has never been any confirmed information about what happened to Joyce Dahmer after her son’s arrest, and it remains a mystery as to what happened to her during that time period.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s possible sightings since 1978

Since 1978, Jeffrey Dahmer’s possible sightings have been documented. The most recent sighting was reported in July of this year by a 77-year-old man who claimed to have seen Dahmer in a Milwaukee shopping mall.

Dahmer’s mother, Joyce Dahmer, has not been seen since she was 18 years old and is presumed dead. It is unknown what happened to her after she left Jeffrey and his father. Since 1978,

there have been at least 12 reported sightings of Jeffrey Dahmer. All but one of these sightings occurred after he had already committed several murders.

In July of this year, a 77-year-old Milwaukee man claimed to have seen Jeffrey Dahmer inside a local shopping mall. According to the police report,

the man said that he recognized Dahmer from news reports about his past crimes. Although the man admitted that it could have been someone else who looked similar to Dahmer,

he is still being investigated as a potential eyewitness. Dahmer’s possible whereabouts are still unknown. However, it is likely that he is still alive and living somewhere in America.

His mother Joyce remains missing and presumed dead, and her son’s violent crimes continue to haunt the people of Milwaukee to this day.


Since Jeffrey Dahmer’s arrest in 1978, many people have speculated as to the whereabouts of Joyce Dahmer. Some believe that she is still alive and hiding somewhere,

while others believe that she died a long time ago and her body has been disposed of. As of now, there is no clear answer as to where Joyce Dahmer is or what happened to her after her son committed one of the most heinous crimes in American history.