What to sell on Etsy: A complete guide

‘what to sell on Etsy
‘what to sell on Etsy

Wants to enter the e-commerce business but is not sure what to sell. It is the most common confusion every newbie has. The sector is growing too fast and you can find it hard to decide the product category. Before deciding on the product, you have to decide on the marketplace to enter. Etsy is the best trending marketplace these days. You should give it a try.

The next question is what to sell on Etsy. If you have been scrolling the search engines for this, you will find the list of best-selling products on Etsy. Well, it is a spammed result. You don’t need to enter a competition where there is less scope to excel.

It is somehow true that if you copy the best-selling product list, you make good profits. You should learn that the Etsy marketplace has definite spaces for everything. If the buyers are loving your product, they will buy it for sure. This is also the most interesting and popular fact about Etsy which makes it unique among other popular marketplaces.

This blog is a guide on how to select your product for selling on Etsy.

Choosing a product to sell on Etsy

There are 2 steps that you need to follow to choose the product for selling on Etsy. Let’s browse them one after the other.

1.   Learn the concept “What is allowed to sell on Etsy”?

Every marketplace has its own terms and conditions for sellers and buyers. Prior to making a seller profile, learn the policies. From there, you will learn about the legal implications of listing a product. You will have a list of products to choose from that are labeled as green by the platform. The kinds of products supported on the platform are;

  1. Handicrafts
  2. Crafting supplies
  3. Vintage goods (a product is considered vintage if it is at least twenty years old)

Moreover, you cannot sell the following 4 items on Etsy in any case.

  1. Forbidden items particularly those that are promoting hatred, violence, or are illegal products.
  2. You cannot list a service that doesn’t produce new tangible items meeting platform criteria. For instance, you cannot offer rental services.
  3. Products that are violating the platform’s intellectual property terms and conditions are prohibited.
  4. Handicrafts cannot be resold on Etsy.

2.   Make notes on Product ideas you explored

This section answers your query ‘what to sell on Etsy’. Suppose, everybody’s life is different and they all started differently. Under this heading, 2 of the different situations are explained while addressing the best product you need to choose and how to do product hunting.

The worst situation you may ever face is knowing nothing about what to sell. You may choose any of the shop ideas given next.

  1. Baby Clothing
  2. Sewing Supplies
  3. Fabric Supplies
  4. Party Items

Why should you choose any of them? Let’s understand by an example. It may seem the most difficult decision to start selling physical or digital products online at marketplaces like Etsy. You should know that you may be good at selling a different product than other sellers you idealize. So, here are 2 categories to choose from for your ease. It is up to you which one you would like to prefer.

Top Physical Items choices for Etsy seller profile

  • Storage Solutions
  • Jewelry
  • T-Shirts
  • Chocolate
  • Honey
  • Plants
  • Cases and Covers
  • Candles
  • Custom Mugs
  • Pottery

Top Digital Items for selling on Etsy

  • Printable Activity Worksheets
  • Digital Planners
  • Sheet Music
  • Excel Templates

The last thing to learn is that both categories and products in the lists have individual pros and cons. You will need to study them independently.

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