What is Make in India, and Why Does it Matter?

Make in India trade
Make in India trade

Make in India trade is a campaign by the Indian government to encourage manufacturers to produce goods in India. This campaign has been largely successful as the rate of outsourcing manufacturing has decreased significantly.

Make in India trade is an initiative by the Indian government to encourage manufacturers to produce goods in India. The idea was first floated and announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25 September 2014 at the Invest India Summit.

This initiative has been largely successful, with the rate of outsourcing manufacturing decreasing significantly.

How Is India Different from Other Countries?

India is a diverse country with different cultures and languages. Indians are very adaptive to any changes that happen in their environment. Indian culture not only includes the people of India but also has influences from the Persian, Chinese and Muslim world.

The diversity of Hinduism and Buddhism are also key features of Indian culture. They have originated from India as well as existed in India for centuries. The rest of the world has adopted these two religions too, which both have a large following in many countries today.

What Does the Trade Policy Mean for India’s Neighbours?

India is an important player in the global market. The trade policy will affect the neighbouring countries with a different impact.

The trade policy will have a major impact on India’s neighbouring countries as it impacts their local economies. The trade policy will affect them in different ways because they depend on different types of imports from India. As a result, the impact of the trade policy on these countries might not be equal or even noticeable.

For example, Sri Lanka depends very heavily on imports from India and if these imports get expensive or become scarce due to “protectionist policies” then Sri Lankan economy might suffer significantly which is not good for their population and society at large. On the other hand, Nepal benefits from cheaper goods imported from India while Bangladesh can benefit from increased exports to Indian market

Is This Trade Policy Good for Foreign Investors?

The Trump administration has been implementing a lot of trade policies that have been good for American investors. These changes have had a drastic effect on the global economy.

Some of the main features of the China-US trade war include tariffs on Chinese goods, higher prices on US exports to China, and declines in Chinese and American stock markets.

Personally, I feel that this is not necessarily good for foreign investors as it may lead to potential economic losses in other countries.


Why We Should Care About Make in India trade, and How It Will Affect Us All