What Are Ways Through Which You Can Convert Text to Video?

How To Choose Shopify Developers That Are Right For Your Online Business
How To Choose Shopify Developers That Are Right For Your Online Business

So you’re considering making the jump to video marketing. If done properly, it may be quite successful, but it may also be rather costly. There are various filming locations, equipment, props, and actors involved, all of which may help reduce costs. If you’re just getting started and don’t want to spend too much money, creating text to videos is a wonderful option. Turning text into videos may be an effective approach to market your company on the internet. The vast majority of individuals are interested in learning more about your company, but they are unwilling to concentrate. You must entice them by transforming your advertising content into videos. Here are a few options for converting text to video.

Mango Animate Text Video Maker

It’s easy to use, fun to create and doesn’t require any technical skills. Use the simplest basic video editor to link text to video and automatically produce dynamic text video, animated video backdrops, icons, and visual effects. Making an entertaining, interactive text to video is now easier and faster than ever before.

Insert a document or audio/video file to convert voice to text in seconds, then watch as our text video maker turns your post into a music video with stunning typographic animation in seconds. The text may also be applied to the footage afterward in the Editor. With ease, you may change the text’s script, color, size, and other features.

Lumen 3

The majority of businesses use this application since it allows you to create professional films using your existing material. This program has outstanding technology that will enable you to storyboard your ideas, select the greatest music to use in the movie, and add the best layout, among other things. As a result, you are enabled to incorporate a variety of different elements such as graphics, music, text to video clips, photographs, and so on. It allows you to select your preferred colors, themes, and branding by simply dragging and dropping. You may use a variety of typefaces to make it stand out even more.

In Fonts

Whenever it concerns conversion outcomes, there are many options to choose from. You may use this method to convert your text into YouTube videos, LinkedIn newsfeeds, Twitter timelines, IGTV videos, Facebook stories, Instagram Stories, and YouTube story videos. There are several possibilities from which to choose. Text layers, stock videos, and music may all be added to your project. There are many different layouts to choose from when decorating the backgrounds of the video screen.


Rocketium is a very versatile and configurable platform that allows you to easily switch over your blog articles and import video files from email, Slack, Trello, and other sources. First and foremost, you receive access to a massive list of formats to choose from, allowing you to record for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms.

It’s completely free to try, and you can start interacting with recordings in just a few minutes.