Vicodin: What Is The Basic Use?

    What Is The Basic Use?

    Hydrocodone is a strong narcotic pain reliever. Its second functional use is in the treatment of cough. The more common name for the drug is Vicodin, it contains hydrocodone and paracetamol. Its next name is dihydroxycodeinone, it gives an idea and connection of the substance with codeine. This is a polysynthetic opioid based on codeine and thebaine – opiates of natural origin.

    Vicodin for sale is used to relieve the symptoms of colds, accompanied by fever and cough, and as a pain reliever. The danger of using super-therapeutic doses is the formation of addiction, therefore, the course of treatment is strictly regulated by the doctor and its algorithm cannot be changed. 

    The Chemical Formula Of Hydrocodone

    The content of paracetamol makes the drug effective in reducing body temperature and enhances its analgesic effect. The codeine component is designed to inhibit the cough center. The medicine effectively helps a person with acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory viral infections and other diseases with similar symptoms. Chemical formula – C18H21NO3

    The drug is produced in forms suitable for oral administration. The dosage for therapy is from 5 to 10 mg. This amount is equal in strength to the effect of 60 mg of morphine taken orally. This drug is used in the same way as codeine. The algorithm for the formation of addiction is the same, but the resulting euphoria effect is weaker. 

    The History Of The Appearance Of The Substance

    The date of synthesis of paracetamol, which is part of Vicodin, is 1877 (Johns Hopkins University). Then in 1920, hydrocodone was obtained in Germany. In 2004, the whole world learned about Vicodin from the TV series Doctor House, where the main character escapes from terrible pain in his leg with the help of this drug.

    The use of hydrocodone as a drug grew gradually in the 20th century and passed into our century. At the pharmacy, they often ask for Tussionex for coughs and use it as a narcotic to get a light high. It is sold in the form of tablets, capsules, syrup and effectively fights coughing attacks. But you need to take it in accordance with the doctor’s prescription, do not exceed the dosage, and do not extend the duration of the course of treatment yourself.

    Medical Use

    The use of Vicodin for medicinal purposes is intended to relieve pain syndromes, including severe ones. In addition, it relieves coughing attacks and relieves the patient’s condition with its sedative effect. The drug is available in combination with paracetamol or aspirin. This combination gives an increase in the effect, the analgesic effect is doubled. You can also order Vicodin online.

    The tool has a number of contraindications, so you cannot make a decision on taking the drug on your own. Taking medication in pregnant women can cause miscarriage and create problems in the respiratory system. The substance penetrates the placental barrier, therefore it is dangerous to the fetus. Breastfeeding mothers are also prohibited from using hydrocodone, as it enters the baby’s body through breast milk.

    Signs Of Use

    In addition to mood changes and illogical actions and thoughts, the following symptoms appear in a person using Vicodin:

    • tearfulness begins, the eyes of the addict are “in a wet place” all the time;
    • Runs out of the nose as with a cold;
    • appetite decreases, weight decreases;
    • the person is constantly yawning;
    • colic and nausea appear in the digestive tract;
    • severe sweating begins, accompanied by chills.
    • The most obvious signs are during drug withdrawal.