Unconventional Loyalty Program Ideas For Restaurants

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Loyalty programs boost repeat business and attract new patrons. However, the traditional points system can get boring, and customers demand more from their loyalty experience.

Here are some fresh ideas for rewarding top-tier guests, including branded merch and exclusive events. You can also use data analytics to offer personalized discounts based on the foods your customers order most frequently.

Taste Tests

One practical restaurant loyalty programs ideas is to conduct taste testing, which is a vital aspect of market research and can help assess the potential success of a product. It usually involves having participants rank a particular product against other products, and it’s conducted in a central area by a public member or an experienced taste tester.

Choosing the best location for a taste test depends on various factors. For example, if you want to find out which product tastes better, you’ll need a wide range of participants, and it’s essential to consider the age or gender breakdown of your target consumer groups. It’s also worth remembering that the testing conditions should be standardized, as this will help avoid any natural biases and ensure that the feedback you receive is robust.

One of the best ways to keep your customers loyal is to offer them a loyalty point program that allows them to earn exclusive rewards. It is a great way to encourage your existing customers to spend more with you, and it can also increase your profits as customer retention costs are lower than acquisition costs. Using an app to track loyalty points is another excellent way to get customers hooked on your brand and is ideal for restaurants that use online ordering and delivery. The in-built data-tracking tools in these apps are highly effective at tracking customer loyalty and will give you a clear picture of the impact of your rewards on sales.

Treasure Hunts

Developing customer loyalty is a crucial aspect of a restaurant’s business plan. Existing customers can bring in new patrons and contribute substantially to a restaurant’s total revenue.

Whether your goal is to increase repeat business or attract new patrons, creating a rewards program is an effective way to encourage your customers to visit again. You can even offer unique experiences to your loyalty program members, such as free food on their birthday or a step-to-the-front-of-the-queue pass.

There are many loyalty programs, from simple stamp cards to a tiered system where customers earn more rewards with higher spending or visits. Choosing the right one for your restaurant will depend on your goals and budget.

The best restaurant loyalty program ideas are ones that provide a unique experience to your loyal customers. For example, a photo treasure hunt is a great way to get people in a group together and work as a team. You can even add some hints to help people find their desired objects. Make sure you split up the groups fairly so each team only has some of the fast kids or good readers. It will ensure that everyone gets a chance to try out their problem-solving skills and enjoy themselves.

Secret Menus

Secret menus spike online interest and create a sense of exclusivity for your restaurant’s customers. They also foster a sense of community, which can lead to more recurring revenue.

Your secret menu can include variations of your best-selling items, but you should also consider introducing more adventurous concoctions to encourage customer curiosity. Try referencing food trends online and naming your new menu items to match. The key is to keep the secret menu exclusive and exciting, so revealing too much can diminish its allure.

A successful secret menu can be promoted through social media, email, newsletters, or a predictive dialer service. Keeping the menu in the news can help your new items gain viral traction as more and more regulars share their experiences on social media. It will help your new item become public knowledge and open up more scaling opportunities.

Another way to make the secret menu more accessible is by offering it through your loyalty program. One of the highest reward categories in a loyalty program based on rewards points could be dedicated to your hidden menu. It ensures that your most loyal customers take advantage of the offer without compromising their loyalty status. You can also use your loyalty platform to send targeted offers to this group of customers, like free delivery for customers with a certain number of points.

Exclusive Events

Offering unique experiences can help customers feel special and encourage them to return. By providing an experiential incentive like a free meal on their birthday or an exclusive event, you can create a sense of loyalty for your customers that goes beyond just their purchase. Other experiential incentives include a step to the front-of-the-line pass or a dedicated seating area.

Loyal customers are an essential source of referrals for your restaurant and can boost your sales. They act as brand advocates and can increase your reach and popularity, especially during a downturn when customers become more price-conscious with their food and beverage spending.

A well-designed loyalty program helps keep your customers engaged with your restaurant and can be the best marketing strategy for your business. Use the tips above to design a unique program that aligns with your customer’s values and goals. And by streamlining the sign-up process, you can make it easier for them to join and start reaping the benefits.

And remember to integrate your loyalty program with your POS system to ensure seamless data exchange across all ordering channels. A hassle-free enrollment process will encourage customers to participate in your rewards program and keep returning. A loyalty solution will enable your customers to redeem their points on online, mobile, and in-person orders.