6 Types of Scripts That Ever Screenwriter Needs to Know


    To master a craft, you need to be equipped with its knowledge. Screenwriting is no different, unless you understand the difference between various types of screenwriting, you simply cannot write an effective script.

    Therefore, to cater to that need, here is the complete list of 6 types of scripts that every screenwriter needs to know.

    There is no greater medium for screenwriting than “The Big Screen”. It is one medium that has stood tall among all revolutions and introductions of new mediums.

    The initial script of a feature film is often written by one writer or a writing team. However, the final draft is amended, modified, and improved by veteran writers of the production company.

    A feature film script constitutes roughly 120-150 pages, given you take 1 page for 1 minute of the screen. 

    • TV Series

    TV series is a long game. Unlike films, they consist of multiple episodes and seasons. So, while writing TV series, you require a team that sits together to plan every episode.

    The dialogues, tone, characterization, and evolution are completely different. The endeavour is to maintain the same aura of a character over a period.

     The usual length of a TV series episode varies between 20 minutes to 45 minutes, the writers are required to write 20 to 45 pages per episode. You can hire a script coverage service to review your script for the TV series to improve on your work.

    • Short Films

    This category includes YouTube or social media videos, documentaries, and business introduction videos. The sole purpose is to convey your message to a certain targeted audience.

    Smaller in budgets, short films usually require only one writer. There is no constraint for length, it can vary from 1 minute to 100 minutes or more. The length of the screenplay varies as per screen time.

    This category is especially for those writers who want to do freelance writing. Marketing companies can hire a writer to get new ideas for their promotional activities.

    • Video Games

    The video game makers turn towards screenwriters for the creation of stories to attach with their characters. This field is dominated by project directors, the writers must write the story and dialogues as per the role of the character in that game.

    This helps people to identify with a certain character. If your writing can convince people about the actions their hero takes in that game, you have done your job. You can also check out the advertisement books to learn different strategies to improve your understanding of video game advertisement genre.

    • Web Series

    This new type must thank social media for its emergence. They are usually made by small private production teams with limited budgets.

    The writer has to write content for web channels. Since the series isn’t released on a massive scale, censorship doesn’t come into play. In web content, the writers usually try to break the stereotypes. You can try new ideas, use your creativity, and exercise a writer’s freedom.

    • Anime Writing

    Anime writing has grown rapidly over the years. Previously known as a branch only for kids, now you can see fans of all ages watching anime with keen interest.

    Anime can be presented as animated films or TV series. The characterization is different from your real life, you need to show that difference in your write-up. Although the emotions are there, you can’t be too sentimental.  

    The evolution of anime characters is also different. In most anime shows, a different world is represented, where you have to conceive every little detail of the world. That is why it is a team game, one person alone can’t write complete anime stories.

    Final Thoughts:

    This completes our list of 6 types of scripts that every screenwriter should know. After reading this, you must examine your writing and see which type suits you the most.

    The required skill set is different for each type of screenplay. If you can select one type according to your strengths and then practice it right, nobody can stop you from succeeding in this field.