Traveling With Tech: Everything You Need to Know

Traveling With Tech

Traveling when you are carrying technology can be a worry. Loss, theft, and damage from water or heat are all considerations you have to take into account when attempting to travel with expensive devices such as phones or laptops. This article will give you a few tips to keep your valuable technology safe while on your adventures!


This sounds like a no brainer, but I always like to take out an extended warranty on my technology. Whilst it often doesn’t cover things like water damage, if you’re working out in the sun and your computer overheats and malfunctions, this would be covered by the extended warranty.  It’s especially important to consider this for expensive equipment like computer science laptops and top of the range tablets.

Travel Essentials

It sounds a little crazy, but often the most inexpensive options can work out great. Where possible, I always try to carry my devices in bags / pouches designed for a specific purpose. For example, when traveling abroad, my phone case is a plastic, waterproof design, which can be used inside the bag itself, protecting it from water damage, and meaning I can even use it In the pool. It also has a handy string around the neck, so I don’t even worry about dropping it.


One of the most important factors when traveling is security. Where will you store your devices when not in use? Many hotel rooms over safety deposit boxes which will store phones, smart watches etc., which are fab, but not usually large enough for laptops. It’s worth asking at reception whether they have larger deposit boxes or a safe behind the desk for valuables.

You should also ensure you don’t try to carry valuables with you as street crime can be common in some countries. So, unless you’re using it, it’s probably safer at the hotel or apartment.


Worst case scenario, if something does happen to your device, you want added assurance that you will be able to make a claim and replace it. Yes, your photos and non-backed up information will be lost, but at least you know you can recover some of the cost.

Insurance is relatively cheap, and if you don’t want to take it out for the life of the product, you can usually add devices onto your travel insurance policy, so you’re covered just for the duration of your trip. Hopefully you will not need to use it, but it will give you some peace of mind knowing that you have it in place.


In short, preparation is key. Having things like warranty, insurance and the correct cases for your equipment goes a long way when traveling abroad. Then while away, make sure you use the hotel security to ensure your devices are safe from theft.

Whether you are carrying computer science laptops or an old iPhone model which contains lots of memories in photos, you want to ensure that your valuables are safe when traveling, or at the very least you have some back up in the way of travel insurance covering your technology for the duration of the trip.