Top Tips for a Successful Resume


To write an effective resume and get the job of your dreams, you need to follow a few rules! Impeccable writing, clear presentation, we give you tips on how resume preparation near me will help attract the attention of recruiters. Keep in mind at every stage of creating a resume!

Tailor your resume to suit your desired position

We can never say enough, but writing and sending the same resume to multiple recruiters is a bad idea. After all, each position and company has its own specifics: in-demand skills, values, desired qualities. No two companies are the same!

Therefore, it is important to tailor your resume to each job offer in order to get as close as possible to the ideal candidate that the company is looking for! Then it’s about writing a targeted resume that takes into account the know-how, qualities or skills a recruiter needs by personalizing your resume to best fit the job offer you’re applying for. So a targeted resume is a much more personal resume where you don’t aim to showcase your skills to the fullest or list all of your professional experience, but rather indicate that you are exactly the person the company needs for the job.

Be clear and concise: don’t talk too much!

Quite often, candidates have in mind all their education or all their work experience. That would be a mistake! Indeed, your curriculum vitae is not intended to tell you everything you have accomplished in your professional career, even if it has a connection and interest to the desired position. In the same way, each learning or experience should be described as briefly and effectively as possible, using simple words and to the point. There is no room for frills in a resume! Also avoid mentioning too personal information such as your marital status, place of birth or nationality unless it is necessary.

Use keywords and identify the skills you are looking for

Today, many companies use automated recruitment software to facilitate the recruitment of new candidates. This computer software sorts applications received using algorithms to determine which candidates are best suited to fill a given position. The keywords contained in each resume are then scanned according to criteria set by the recruiter. Hence, it is important to think carefully about the use of keywords and make them stand out in your resume! This way you put the odds in your favor to outsmart the robots and get your resume on the recruiter’s desk.

Highlight your accomplishments and skills

When writing a resume, don’t just describe your professional experience, but highlight your successes, projects you’ve completed, or missions you’ve completed. This way, your resume will be more lively and will reflect your results more than your responsibilities. Feel free to back up these results with numbers or concrete examples of your accomplishments. Then recruiters will have a clearer idea of ​​what you are capable of, and they will want to have you on their team more!

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