Tips For First Time Riders


It takes courage to ride a horse for the first time. After all, it’s an experience of a lifetime, and you feel great about yourself. Horse riding has always been a great sport for people who love the outdoors. So whether you’re riding a horse as a new hobby or want to enjoy a good time on the vacation, here are a few tips for you:

Always choose western attire that should be a combination of jeans and boots. Dressing perfectly for the occasion will ensue, and you’re safe and comfortable during the riding journey. A safety help will be a great addition to your attire. Ask if you can get one from the facility. 

Otherwise, you’ll have to get one online or from the market. Don’t fear looking grumpy with a helmet on. Only veteran riders know the importance of safety. 

  • Have a Relaxed Posture

Horse riding is an overwhelming experience in the beginning. So sit up straight, and keep your head and shoulders aligned. Maintaining your posture from the beginning will help you assume control over the horse’s speed. 

Check out circle y saddles to get one for yourself. The saddle is your seat and will give you a comfortable horse riding experience. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be for you to feel comfortable. 

  • Start Slow

You don’t have to rush In the very beginning. It’s okay just to walk and build some chemistry with your horse. Since gaining speed entails investing great horsemanship, you need to stay calm and focused. We recommend you learn horse riding a little before venturing out. 

It’s a good tip for staying safe and on the right track. Don’t rush things, otherwise, you might end up brutally hurting yourself. 

  • Remain Calm

Staying calm and collected is a good way to rest assured that your experience will be worthwhile. Your horse will immediately sense your low confidence. We don’t want the poor animal to throw you off its back after panicking. 

Rather, it’s best if you’re confident and not frightened to take a horse-riding journey. Have faith in your ability to ride a horse and use minimal effort initially. If you begin to panic and make weird noises, you’ll lose control of your animal. 

  • Get a Trainer

It’s always best to start with somebody with hands-on horse riding experience. Have a knowledgeable friend who helps you along the journey. Or, if you wish to make the first experience memorable, invite a friend over. 

Especially if you plan to ride more than once, a trainer will be a good addition to your experience. There’s something tricky about the western horse riding that only the experts can help you understand. 

  • Set Goals

If you set goals, they’ll compel you to unleash your potential during this experience. Goal helps you improve the purpose of your side. They can be either short-term or long-term. So set goals according to your level of ability and confidence. 

Horse riding is one of the best physical pursuits that one enjoys. So setting up goals will help you learn this craft.

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