There are an Average of 51,283 Accidents Per Year in LA


The state of California enjoys a huge amount of recognition, mostly for its beautiful, sunny climate. It’s the place you go when you don’t want any more of the North American winter days.

But California is also known for the city of Los Angeles, its largest and the most populous. Undoubtedly, LA is the state’s economic powerhouse, with a trillion-dollar GDP and some of the world’s most famous attractions (like Hollywood).

Despite all that, LA has a major problem that has plagued it for years: traffic accidents.

You’ve probably heard about the traffic situation. Let’s find out what’s going on on LA’s highways.

What the Numbers Say

In recent years, Los Angeles has been experiencing an increase in fatal and injury-causing car accidents.

In 2014, the number of traffic accidents recorded in LA was approximately 46,500. That was before Mayor Garcetti launched the Vision Zero initiative in 2015 to improve road safety and cut down traffic deaths by 20%.

However, 2015 itself saw a rise in traffic accidents to approximately 52,000.  By 2016, the number of accidents in the city had gone up by about 20% and registered as over 55,300.

In three years, the average number of traffic accidents per year in LA hit 51,283.

These numbers include all kinds of accidents taking place on LA’s roads. These are accidents involving motorcyclists, cyclists, motor vehicles, and pedestrians.

Traffic Deaths in Los Angeles

From 2010 to 2021, Los Angeles has experienced a surge in traffic fatalities. However, the worst years seem to be the years following the safety measures enacted under Vision Zero.

Basically, that means seven years of soaring traffic deaths with an average of 250. Below are the number of traffic deaths per year after 2015:

  • 2016 – 260 deaths
  • 2017 – 247 deaths
  • 2018 – 246 deaths
  • 2019 – 246 deaths
  • 2020 – 238 deaths
  • 2021 – 295 deaths

Why Are There More Accidents?

You’re probably wondering why the number of traffic accidents continues to rise in LA despite the measures the city put in place. Well, these are some of the reasons behind the soaring accident cases. 

Increased Population

LA is one of the most attractive places to settle in the United States. Currently, the city’s population stands at 3.98 million residents, of which 36% of its citizens were not born in the US.

Among the things that contributed to the city’s high population are the Mediterranean weather, the strong economy, and world-class tourist attractions.

Aside from the population of residents, LA’s attraction sites see millions of visitors every year. All of these things put a strain on the city’s roads, contributing to heavy traffic congestion and accidents. After all, more people means more vehicles on the roads.

Reckless Driving

LA has a speeding culture courtesy of the well-known congestion. However, the speeding persisted even when the city recorded low traffic during the pandemic. 

Despite the reduced number of road users, traffic deaths remained largely the same as the previous years.

Besides overspeeding, driving under the influence is also a major factor in LA’s road accidents. According to LAPD’s data, the number of serious injuries resulting from DUI shot up by 31% in 2021.

How to Stay Safe on LA’s Roads

Whether you’re visiting or relocating to LA, you’re probably keen to find how you can stay safe while driving or walking in the city. It’s a genuine concern because the stats are grim. Motorists and pedestrians alike are getting injured or killed on LA’s roads.

The secret to being a safe road user in LA is to abide by the traffic rules even if others aren’t doing the same.

As a safe road user, you also have to hold irresponsible drivers accountable for their actions. JT Legal Group can guide you on the steps of getting a car accident attorney in Los Angeles to sue for damages.

Remember, maintaining safety on the road requires playing your part to ensure safety for all.

Final Thoughts

You may be wondering what measures the city of Los Angeles can take to bring safety back to its roads. The reality is that the city is already making efforts to resolve its traffic challenges. 

While it seems like there isn’t much progress, it may take more time to see positive results.