The Benefits of Robot-Assisted Dental Implant You Should Know

The Benefits of Robot-Assisted Dental Implant You Should Know

Today, dental teams across the globe are using robotics for the purpose of doing dental implants. Dental implant surgery is a great innovation and advancement in periodontics. It is interesting to know that the robotics technology used in dentistry offers many benefits. And in this blog post, we will discuss the top benefits of robot-assisted robotics at Yomi Dental implants and other reputable institutes of dentistry. But before we discuss the benefits, let us first look at what this technology is exactly.

What do we mean by Robot-Assisted Implant Surgery?

It has been quite a long time now since surgeons are using this technology for different surgical procedures. Apart from the dental field, robotics has long been used in other types of surgery procedures as well. Below are some of the most common procedures being done using this technology:

  • Removing the kidneys
  • Doing cosmetic transplants
  • Hip or buttocks replacement

Above are the other surgical operation in which the assistance of robotics has proved to be very effective. However, the same assistance is also used in dental implant procedures. You should also know that whenever surgery is done, the robot does not perform the procedure all by itself. Rather, it is the professional doctors that have the control in hand to do the procedure. The technology is there to provide guidance to the dental surgeon to assure that the plants are placed in the correct place with accuracy.

The technology provides physical signs to the doctor so the surgeon doing the procedure knows exactly where to drill. The technology goes as far as to assist in telling the depth to which the drilling should be done. This way the surgeon naturally has control over every move so they can make the right moves in a safe way.

The Advantages of Robot-Assisted Implants in Dentistry

As per the report of Heath Key, any person that considers going for implants needs to see whether the delta team uses robotics or not. This finding shows the importance of robot assistance in dental implants. Let’s look at some big benefits.

Increased Accuracy & Less Invasion

When it comes to doing dental implants right, the dentist has to be very precise about the allocation. Even a minor error can create problems in the form of pain. The 3D imaging used in implants is a great way to help with precision and accuracy. 

This is done with the assistance of a 3D plan. Once the 3D plan for a patient is installed in the robotics slot, then the robot will start to guide the dental surgeon to do surgery the right way. With every right step taken by the dentist, the robot stops and gets ready for the next step.

Also, another advantage is that the technology is much less invasive in comparison with other technologies. That means there will only be a little incision in the gums and nothing like deep drilling for implants. This way, there would be no pain afterward.