Surprising Ways Modern Tech Helps New Parents


Using Technology to Optimize Your Parenting Abilities

Technology helps people in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to parenting. Now granted, there’s no substitute for “being there”, and having a hand in your child’s upbringing. However, tech can make things a lot easier. Think about baby monitors, as a “for instance”, and how those free up parents to get work done while children rest.

Following we’ll briefly explore several additional ways technology helps parents get more done without compromising the safety of their children. Today’s options can definitely reduce a large portion of your workload.

  1. Remote Work Reduces Family Management Complications

Zoom came into its own in 2020 owing to that year’s health crisis, but decentralized remote tech was around before then. Have you heard of BYOD? BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device, and it is a business model that allows companies to be productive at a fraction of the cost running a physical office in a rented commercial space would require.

Through remote work, 25% of all jobs in the USA are now of a kind that require no physical presence from employees. They can work from home if they like, or the beach. For parents, this is a lifesaver. Instead of commuting to or from work, and juggling all the complications of parenthood, you can just log on at home, get things done, and be there for your kids.

  1. Telehealth Options Bring the Latest Best Practices Home

Like Zoom and decentralization have made it feasible for many businesses to outsource work in a way that allows at-home models to be successful, medical businesses can now use the web to decentralize in-office visits. This is possible through Zoom and similar video software options that take full advantage of the internet.

For women who are having problems with certain aspects of being a new mother, like breastfeeding, such tele-health solutions are exceptionally convenient. There are things you can do and nutrition you should explore to build breast milk supply; getting the advice you need is as simple as logging on somewhere comfortable in your home.

  1. Smartphones and Baby Monitors

Today’s “smart” baby monitors can use WiFi as a means of sending a signal, meaning you can listen to and actually watch your child wherever you happen to have a smartphone.

Before, baby monitors worked like walkie-talkies, and that came with certain restrictions in terms of capability. Through smartphone tech and IoT (Internet of Things) innovation, you’ve got quite a lot of options to explore as a parent.

Using Modern Technology to Your Advantage as a Parent

IoT through smartphones enabling more convenient monitoring solutions, tele-health solutions facilitating at-home medical appointments, and decentralized work infrastructure through the web represent key aspects of tech innovation that are very convenient for new parents. If you’ve just become a dad or mom, look into how tech might just make your life easier.