Strategies to Launch and Run a Successful On-demand Delivery Business

Successful On-demand Delivery Business

Delivery services have become increasingly relevant at a time when home-based entrepreneurs are on the rise. There has been a steady increase of home bakers, bespoke fashion designers who are not affiliated to any big brand, and even artists who specialize in arts and crafts like 3D caricatures, origami, and quilling.

In this blog, let us analyze the delivery services market and how you can launch your own business without taking much time and research.

Tapping into the on-demand delivery business

When we are talking about standing on the shoulders of giants, we are also referring to the fact that we need to learn from their mistakes. There have been a lot of attempts in this space, some of them even by the most noted names in the service industry. However, not all of them have been profitable.

This calls for a meticulous market analysis before you think about a delivery app development solution. This ensures that the same mistakes are not repeated and your business finds its niche of profit.

Now that you have understood the market with better clarity, it is now the time to ensure that your delivery app development solution makes its profit.

There are three key aspects to the success of this business, or any business for that matter, are: acquiring customers, retaining customers, and retaining your contractors. In addition to this, on the auxiliary site, there is also an ongoing need to keep transportation cost minimum providing a balance between retaining your customers and your contractors.

Acquiring customers

Advertising is of crucial importance when it comes to a service that is passively used but relies heavily on branding. All promotional channels like social media, PR, paid advertising, and promotions on app stores and every other possible avenue should be tapped into. One of the best ways to ensure that you get a steady flow of customers is to have a robust referral program. This means that your existing customers can invite their friends using the app and their special code and make themselves eligible for free delivery.

One of the most obvious advertising strategies is giving out coupons and discounts to encourage people to start using our delivery app. However, this may incur a huge amount of money to get a decent group of daily customers to your business. Once you have reached the initial phase of getting noticed, you can move on to make your delivery business a brand among other giant delivery apps in the market.

Retention of the Users

Your app needs to have an actionable rating system where the customers can give their ratings and review for every delivery experience. This not only gives your customers a sense of being counted but also helps you gauge your delivery contractors.

It is to be understood that a delivery service on demand has two parties to bring together. It is not only the customers but also matters in this regard but also the people who will send packages. You can get in touch with retailers and home-based entrepreneurs to partner with you, so you can grow your user base by tapping into their set of customers. The magnitude of your partnership can scale up as your business grows. Postmates has entered into a partnership with Ford and Walmart to deliver goods using self-driven vehicles.

Your contractors are the passive brand ambassadors, and they should be thoroughly screened. The screenings should include comprehensive background checks, video interviews, verification of the driving license, checking of insurance and registration documents, driving history, and above everything, producing proof of dependable vehicle possession.

Retention of the Delivery persons

The drivers should be provided certain subsidies when it comes to vehicle maintenance and fuel. It is to be understood that there are quite some possibilities of the entire remuneration being taken for fuel and vehicle maintenance if not for these subsidies. If drivers make little or no money, they are quite likely to look for other options of earning.

Some contractors are also enthralled by other passive offerings that can entice them. Uber, for example, offers free tuition for its premium drivers at Arizona State University through online classes.

Coming up with new ideas to save transportation costs

Another way to ensure that drivers do not stress themselves a lot is to limit the radius of delivery. A limited radius would mean that the driver saves a lot on fuel expenses and also reduces wear and tear. In addition, limiting the delivery radius also would mean that the driver can go back home as soon as possible after they are done with their delivery.

It is quite evident that the future of transportation is electric. Although the world might not be completely ready for electric vehicles yet, using energy-efficient modes of transportation serves as a huge incentive for drivers. After all, the commitment is to deliver a package before a certain point in time, and the less the driver spends, the more money they make.


These are the strategies that will help you in starting up and running your own successful delivery business. However, you may need an app to start with your delivery services business. You can either go to start everything from the scratch like brainstorming ideas for the app, designing and developing. There is one other better to this which is White-label apps. You can make use of on-demand solutions like Gojek clone to launch an app with all kinds of delivery services. Launch your on-demand delivery app and take up space in the multi-billion dollar delivery industry.