Siri- A lifesaver for Many!


Who does not want to sit and give orders? Siri is all set to do anything for you. When it was introduced first, people didn’t take it that seriously but over time, they realized how important it was. It can be a very good personal assistant. Siri helps you sort out so many things from keeping records of things to guiding you about directions. Here are some amazing things that Siri is capable of improving your productivity at work, at home, or just with using your device.

Launch an App

This is a very important task that Siri is capable of performing but is often overlooked. Now you don’t have to go page after page, looking for an app instead you can simply say “Launch Facebook” and get done with it. This is especially helpful when you are in a hurry and don’t want to waste time looking and searching. If you don’t like talking, you can also use Spotlight Search.

Answer Questions

Siri can answer any type of question you ask from it. You just have to say the question e.g. “where is the world’s largest pyramids?” and it will give you the answer. There are some questions of which it won’t give you the answers but will still give you the relevant information. If you are not getting anything about your own iPhone Siri can also give you the answers about it.

Mark an Event or Meeting

Siri can be used to mark any event you have to go to or any meeting on your calendar. On the designated day, the event will appear automatically on the screen of your smartphone. In order to get started, you just have to ask Siri to schedule a meeting.

Set a Reminder

Siri can also be used for setting reminders more than anything. It is known to be great for keeping the track or making you more organized. You just have to say these simple words “Remind me to wake up tomorrow at eight AM.”

Set an Alarm

Siri can help you keep up from oversleeping. You just have to ask her to wake you up at whatever time you like and take a good power nap. While traveling or driving, it can give you a good reminder anytime you want.

Take a Quick Note

Siri’s can also help you to take any note if you don’t have anything to write. You just have to say, and it will get saved in the notes app. It’s as simple as that.

Make a List

While going shopping, you can create a list with the help of Siri. After creating a list, you can just add things by saying, “add toothpaste to the grocery list.” This list will get saved in the Reminders app and after getting done with the grocery you can mark it as completed. 

Use Siri as a Calculator

People overlook this feature. Siri can be used as a calculator. You can make a simple request like “What is six times twenty-four” or a query like “What is twenty percent of fifty-six dollars and forty-two cents?” it will give you all the accurate calculations.

Siri the Translator

While traveling abroad one feature that Siri is great with is translating from English into many other languages. You won’t have to worry about a new language, and it will keep you from fumbling through a phrase book or looking for a specific translation app. You can simply say, “Translate where room number 24 is in Spanish.” And you are good to go.

Location Reminders

This has been made very easy by Siri. Instead of saying the full name you can just say “Get direction to Dave’s house” if you have the proper contacts saved on your list. Siri can also help you to set reminders e.g. “Remind me to give Dave his birthday present when I get to his house”.

For this you will have to get reminders turned on in your location services settings.

Place Phone Calls and Send Text Messages

Sending messages and placing phone calls has just been made easier. You just have to say, ‘Call Smith’ or “text Smith” and Siri will do its work. If you have more than one number saved, you just have to put one in your favorites and Siri will   use it by default.


Isn’t Siri the best? It saves you a lot of time by performing various small tasks for you. In the saved time you can do so many other things. Keep using Siri and get the most out of it. It has been made to serve you!