Should I or Shouldn’t I take My Dog on a Hiking Trip?


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It is precisely the reason dog owners must make it a point to take their fluffy friends on short strolls, hikes, or adventurous activities. Outdoor pursuits are a great way to provide them with new experiences and adequate mental/physical stimulation. Yet, such undertakings promise as much risk as fun. It is wise to have cheap dog insurance as a backup to keep them covered.

Dog insurance in NZ gives a financial breather to pet owners concerned about providing top-notch medical care to their pet dogs with little economic burden. Cheap dog insurance covers much of pet health care bills, including non-routine vet visits, prescriptions, diagnosis, treatment, etc. for illnesses and injuries that owners need to bear entirely otherwise.

Before filling your doggo’s backpack with pet essentials, ask yourself these questions and check if you and your pet are ready to head out for that exciting hiking trip.

Is your dog fit to do a hike?

Remember, just as you exercise and build stamina to go on hiking trails, your pet doggo needs to beef up to start and end the journey on a safe note. Consider the elaborated walking periods and the challenging terrains your fur baby needs to tread along with you. Hiking tours with pets can be quite different from the ones with humans. Your furry baby will need a few breaks to relax, drink water, have some food/treats, poop, and other things.

The flat-faced dog breeds like bulldogs, pugs, boxers, and many others may experience breathing difficulties. Short-legged dogs like corgis, dachshunds, terriers, and other dogs of the short-legged families find it tough to cope with human strides. They find it traumatic to match steps with their human companions.

If you have a senior dog waiting to join you on your adventure trip, it can get more risky whether your pet doggy has medical complaints or not. Also, if you are thinking of tagging your little pup along for the recreational hike, you need to understand that your tender fur babies may burn themselves out in the process.

What about the weather?

Fresh air early in the morning or moderate sunny weather is the best time to venture out. However, keep in mind the season you are aiming for a hike. Now, you don’t want to hit on a journey in the scorching summer days. It will be pretty uncomfortable for pets as they are more prone to dehydration, heat strokes, stress, and exhaustion. Cool weather and skies clear of dark clouds can be the ideal time for a hiking expedition.

Have the pet hiking gear list ready?

Your furry champ will need a backpack, a qualitative pair of walking/hiking boots, comfortable harness, leash, dog collar with ID tag, collapsible water/food bowls, poop bags, and a lot of water bottles are the basics.

If you have answered all the above questions, make sure you don’t skip this last one – have you consulted your vet to know about your pet dog’s suitability for an adventurous undertaking. Take your vet’s suggestions before you schedule a hiking trip. You don’t need to worry about the vet trips if your dog suffers from an injury while you’re out and about, as dog insurance NZ will sort you out on the treatment fees front. Look for cheap dog insurance that fits your budget and takes care of your dog on days of sickness, accidents, and through pet emergencies.