Selection of TMT Bars – A complete guide for Rebars

TMT Bars

Building a home is one of the huge decisions you can ever take in your life. Anyhow, you cannot take any part of it for granted. You have to hire a well-known or professional architect and also make sure the mason and labourers who work on the construction have enough knowledge and experience. However, that is not everything- you also have to be aware of the materials which are being used in the construction work and make sure they are of the best quality. Among the major components, you must know about are the TMT bars, which has to hold the concrete blocks together as a foundation by maintaining the shape and structure of your building.

How Do You Choose the Best TMT Bars?

There are various criteria that you must keep in mind while deciding whether the TMT bars being used in the construction are of sufficiently high quality.

These include the following:

Grade of the TMT Bars

TMT bars available in India are of three different grades – Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600. The higher the grade of your TMT, the stronger it will be. Higher grade TMT bars are usually used in the core of your building, for example in the floors and roofs. Bars of lower grade is used in the construction of balcony railings and decorative structures. VKRP steel bars are made using state-of-the-art technology, that ensures great strength than most of the other products available in the market, and have a long life for your construction. Choose these as they will last for many years to come. You can refer sugna TMT which is the best steel companies in Hyderabad.

The flexibility of the Bars

You have to find out whether the bars you are choosing are flexible enough to withstand stress for ages to come. Ideally, the high-quality TMT rods will get cracked, even when they are bent even at an angle of 90 degrees or higher. Make sure to ask the seller about this point while purchasing the bars, and if possible, double-check about the brand online.

The extent of Elongation of The Bars

Find out how far these bars can be elongated. This indicates the ductility of the bars. The more the ductility, the more the bar lasts longer and will be cheaper to transport from the shop to your construction site, as well.

Well, obviously this quality must be checked first. As the steel rods will come into contact with moisture during construction, checking the corrosion resistance is a must; otherwise, they will not last long. Once check the website of the manufacturer to make sure that the bars you are buying can resist enough moisture and come with a water-resistant coating.

The Naked Eye Test

Pick up a bar and check for the manufacturer’s seal on every metre of it. The bars must not look rusty, obviously. Also, check if the ends of each bundle of TMT rods is of equal length. And finally, make sure each bar in the bundle has the logo of the TMT bar company, without fail.

Make sure to find out as much as possible about the components and materials before starting your construction process. The materials that are used for construction cannot be compromised because they help in determining and assuring the longevity and strength-building structure.

TMT Rebars are an essential component as it bonds with RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete). These reinforced bars help in determining the strength of the structure and also helps in protecting the building during the time of calamities.

The important factors that must be taken care of while selecting the TMT Bar are:

Strength and Flexibility

The TMT bar you choose must have the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. Because of this property, only the TMT bar are widely accepted for all types of construction purpose.

India comes under a zone with a record and history of devastating earthquakes. Hence, it is crucial to select such bar that can offer the correct balance between flexibility & the strength so that can absorb the extra shocks during the earthquakes and can keep the building structures firm and safe from getting uprooted.

Grade of the TMT Bar

TMT Rebars are available in several grades ranging from Fe 415 to Fe 600. The grades determine the elongation of TMT Bar. The Bars with Lower Grades have Low Strength and High Flexibility and the bars with Higher Grades have High Strength and Low Flexibility.

Fe 500 is the best-known grade of Bars which can be used for all types of construction purposes as it has the perfect balance of strength and flexibility.

ISO Certified TMT Bars

Always choose the TMT Bars which are certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO). This certification defines the good quality of the TMT Bar. It simply means that the TMT Bar with this mark is best in quality.

Ductility of TMT Bars

TMT Bars which are more ductile are preferred by all for all type of construction purposes. It can be used for any structure as it will bend easily and without any fatigue. It also will be easier to transport TMT bars from one place to another when they are highly ductile.

Highly ductile TMT Bar also has properties such as Higher Yield Strength, Ultimate, Tensile Strength, Easy Bendability, High Weldability.

Corrosion Resistance of TMT Bars

TMT Bars will be exposed to extreme environmental conditions during the construction process. So, TMT bars which are corrosion resistant are always high in demand and are expensive in all construction purposes.

VKRP Steel is known to provide corrosion-resistant Birla TMT Bars which are passed through different corrosion tests and prove to be better than other TMT bars.


It is always suggested to buy from reputed brands TMT Bars only. Birla TMT Bars are the most popularly preferred TMT bars for all the types of construction purposes. Birla has top-quality TMT Bars that are used for India’s large and reputed projects.